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Wallace Portage1452 viewsWhere Dillon Wallace started his overland trek to Seal Lake in 1905
Trappers Tilt.JPG
Trappers Tilt2329 viewsWe find a trasppers tilt near the Naskaupi River. Probably 50 - 60 years old.
Dallas Trail.JPG
Hiking2147 viewsDallas hiking a caribou trail near the Naskaupi River.
Grand Camp.JPG
Grand Lake2229 viewsCampsite on Grand Lake
Grand Lake1605 viewsLunch break in the fog and mist.
Churchill Falls.JPG
Churchill Falls3457 viewsAll that is left of a falls that was twice the size and power of Niagara.
Naskaupi Camp.JPG
Naskaupi Campsite1769 viewsCamped for the evening, somewhere on the Naskaupi River.
Naskaupi Rapid.JPG
Nameless rapid, Naskaupi River.1648 viewsSix kilometers of solid class 2-3
North West River1448 viewsAbout to push off for the Naskaupi, same spot as Hubbard in 1903 / 1905
Upriver on the Naskaupi.1445 viewsFollowing the Hubbard route of 1905.
Plane Lab.jpg
Starting Out1472 viewsLoading up the turbo Otter, Goose Lake
Me on Kan.jpg
Kanairiktok River1674 viewsThats' me
Lab Sea.jpg
Labrador Sea1608 viewsOn the Hopedale run, end of Kanairiktok River trip, Labrador Sea, cold wet and loving every minute!
Grubby1959 viewsAbout 12 days in, somewhere on the Kanairiktok River. Looking kind of grubby.
Cliffs on Kan.jpg
Cliffs2579 viewsCliffs on the Kanairiktok River
Sunset Kanairiktok.jpg
Sunset Kanairiktok1261 views
Portage?1642 viewsMid way through a 10K portage. Rob seems to be saying "where's the water"
Sailing Rig.jpg
Sailing1628 viewsWe make a tri hull rig from the three canoes and saoil for almost two days, Snegamook Lake, Labrador.
conducting waves.jpg
Flatrock - October 20052522 viewsOK, so its not a canoe trip. Just went for a walk down the road from my new home.
Watch Hill7610 viewsI stumbled across this scene while bushwaking across the barrens south of Petty Harbour. Fortune Gullies is in the forground and Watch Hill in the background. Many small animal tracks lead straight into the pond.
Newfoundland1958 viewsEvening at Maelpeg Pond
Newfoundland2407 viewsKenkebeck Lake, put-in
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