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Morning Mist on Third Lake582 viewsHeading out from our campsite on Third Lake on the upper Spanish River
Running the Upper Athalones563 viewsRunning the Upper Athalone rapids on the Spanish River
Upper Athalone Rapids510 viewsThe Upper Athalone Rapids on the Spanish River
Sunrise on OSA Lake, Killarney474 viewsWe were treated to a great sunrise on this October morning on OSA Lake in Killarney Provincial Park.
Chiniguchi 020.jpg
Old Growth Pine943 viewsA large old growth pine at a portage by Chiniguchi Lake
Chiniguchi 022.jpg
McConnell Bay864 viewsSand beach at the large campsite on McConnell Bay, Chiniguchi route.
Chiniguchi 008.jpg
Blue Lagoon1156 viewsThe famous Blue Lagoon, a well-known swimming spot and scenic location on the Chiniguchi route, near Wolf Lake.
Winisk River406 viewsFresh polar bear prints. My size 9 next to the print.
Northern Lights.jpg
Winisk River551 viewsNorthern lights
Limestone Rapids.jpg
Winisk River454 viewsLimestone Rapids. A lone canoe on a big river.
Contemplating Life.jpg
Winisk River829 viewsContemplating life above the tree line.
Winisk River870 viewsCanoe as wind break, cold wind from the north.
old growth haliburton.jpg
Outer Fox Islands425 viewsA terrific Campsite in the Outer Fox Islands (French River PP)
Outer Fox Islands #22141 viewsThe Breath Taking scenery of the Outer Fox Islands
George Lake, Killarney591 viewsA beautiful start to a gret trip....Killarney 2003
Paresseux Falls.jpg
Paresseux Falls450 viewsParesseux Falls on the Mattawa River
George Freeland Portage.jpg
George Freeland Portage678 viewsThe short George to Freeland Lake portage in Killarney Provincial Park. Feeland Lake is in the foreground
Little Madawaska River2104 viewsHogan Lake landing end of the La Muir - Hogan portage
98 257.jpg
Temagami Spray Creek1317 views1998 the beaver dams were plentiful and the water levels were significant. The drops were 1 to 3 feet in most places.
98 153.jpg
Temagami Willow Island Creek1277 viewsWillow Island Creek runs north from Willow Island Lake, through Hobart and north of Hammer Lake. Between Anvil and the Bergeron portage there are several log jams making this an interesting route.
98 140.jpg
Temagami Anvil Lake from Maple Mountain1606 viewsSecond highest point in Ontario, Maple Mtn provides good views all around and an excellent day activity while in the area. Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes one way hike, make it 2 hours if you're getting long in the tooth and short on conditioning.
98 128.jpg
Temagami Willow Island Lake1565 viewsThis is the older portage landing prior to the relocation south at the western end of the second of two portages between Lady Evelyn Lake and Willow Island. This is an easy route to Willow Island if coming from Diamond or making a loop through Lady Evelyn from the north.
98 126.jpg
Temagami No Name Lake1617 viewsSituated between Lady Evelyn Lake on the east and Willow Island Lake on the west, this is the western end of the first of two portages used to access Willow Island Lake when traveling from Lady Evelyn Lake. There is a campsite marked on the Chrismar map and the shallow sandy landing area makes a nice lunch spot.
OSA Lake, KIllarney 2000575 viewsShot from the top of the dome between OSA and Muriel Lake, looking towards OSA............ a great climb !
loon lilipads.jpg
Loon Creek Lillypads394 viewsFarm Creek between Island Lk and Loon Lk ( aka Loon Creek) July 2004
Pictographs - Spanish River563 viewsPictographs on Ninth Lake, on the Spanish River route. Sadly, the cliff face containing these pictographs has modern graffiti in other areas.
Reid @ Muskrat.jpg
Fishin and Dreamin358 viewsJust above Muckrat Rapids on the Ottawa river
Pickerel River, South of French towards Georgian Bay512 views
Killarney Lake553 viewsThe stunning blue of Killarney Lake.........
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