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Sunset Kanairiktok.jpg
Sunset Kanairiktok1412 viewsNov 10, 2005
Cliffs on Kan.jpg
Cliffs2757 viewsCliffs on the Kanairiktok RiverNov 10, 2005
Grubby2135 viewsAbout 12 days in, somewhere on the Kanairiktok River. Looking kind of grubby.Nov 10, 2005
Lab Sea.jpg
Labrador Sea1751 viewsOn the Hopedale run, end of Kanairiktok River trip, Labrador Sea, cold wet and loving every minute!Nov 10, 2005
Me on Kan.jpg
Kanairiktok River1849 viewsThats' meNov 10, 2005
Plane Lab.jpg
Starting Out1624 viewsLoading up the turbo Otter, Goose LakeNov 10, 2005
Misty Morn139 viewsJust a neat pic. No modifications made.Nov 10, 2005
fire232 viewsI find it hard to take ones. I like this one I took.Nov 10, 2005
georgi - in the morning404 viewsNov 10, 2005
Brendan_s Big Bass.jpg
Bass Pic342 viewsThe fishing was a bit slow on Noganosh this year...but we caught a few anyway! Nov 10, 2005
Hammock322 viewsBackpacker's hammock in actionNov 10, 2005
Thelon -Midnight the darkest it's going to get247 viewsNov 10, 2005
moonrise over whitefish lake.jpg
Thelon - Moonrise before heading out364 viewsNov 10, 2005
typical thelon.jpg
Thelon - typical scenery296 viewsNov 10, 2005
wardens grove cabin.jpg
Thelon - Warden's Grove Cabin345 viewsNov 10, 2005
clouds reflections.jpg
Thelon - More clouds more reflections220 viewsNov 10, 2005
a good day ahead.jpg
Thelon - Some good weather mayb e?320 viewsNov 10, 2005
cloud reflections.jpg
Thelon - Reflections of clouds in the river230 viewsNov 10, 2005
finally nice weather.jpg
Thelon -finally, a bit of nice weather262 viewsNov 10, 2005
last words of hornby before he and 2 others starved to death.jpg
Thelon - Hornby's last words639 viewsHornby's last words before he and 2 others starved to death having missed the caribou migration.Nov 10, 2005
lunch break hoping for a wind.jpg
Thelon - lunch break hoping for a wind207 viewsNov 10, 2005
Upriver on the Naskaupi.1612 viewsFollowing the Hubbard route of 1905.Nov 10, 2005
Our new whitewater baby433 viewsOur new whitewater paddler - not quite ready for thigh straps yet.Nov 10, 2005
Valleyfield course522 viewsNov 10, 2005
Valleyfiled slalom course511 viewsNov 10, 2005
Chiniguchi 003.jpg
Falls - Chiniguchi Area270 viewsA small falls near Wolf Lake in the Chiniguchi area, east of SudburyNov 10, 2005
Chiniguchi 008.jpg
Blue Lagoon1293 viewsThe famous Blue Lagoon, a well-known swimming spot and scenic location on the Chiniguchi route, near Wolf Lake.Nov 10, 2005
Chiniguchi 022.jpg
McConnell Bay943 viewsSand beach at the large campsite on McConnell Bay, Chiniguchi route.Nov 10, 2005
Chiniguchi 020.jpg
Old Growth Pine1020 viewsA large old growth pine at a portage by Chiniguchi LakeNov 10, 2005
North West River1583 viewsAbout to push off for the Naskaupi, same spot as Hubbard in 1903 / 1905Nov 10, 2005
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