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Naskaupi Rapid.JPG
Nameless rapid, Naskaupi River.1818 viewsSix kilometers of solid class 2-3 Nov 10, 2005
Naskaupi Camp.JPG
Naskaupi Campsite1967 viewsCamped for the evening, somewhere on the Naskaupi River.Nov 10, 2005
Churchill Falls.JPG
Churchill Falls3653 viewsAll that is left of a falls that was twice the size and power of Niagara.Nov 10, 2005
Grand Lake1757 viewsLunch break in the fog and mist.Nov 10, 2005
Grand Camp.JPG
Grand Lake2428 viewsCampsite on Grand LakeNov 10, 2005
Dallas Trail.JPG
Hiking2330 viewsDallas hiking a caribou trail near the Naskaupi River.Nov 10, 2005
Trappers Tilt.JPG
Trappers Tilt2539 viewsWe find a trasppers tilt near the Naskaupi River. Probably 50 - 60 years old.Nov 10, 2005
Wallace Portage1611 viewsWhere Dillon Wallace started his overland trek to Seal Lake in 1905Nov 10, 2005
Beachcomber159 viewsSandy playing at the beach at the group campsite - Grundy LakeNov 10, 2005
The Flotilla Heads Out171 viewsThe gang head out for a day trip around the chain of lakes in Grundy Provincial Park.Nov 10, 2005
Dan Sailing120 viewsDan Thomsen shows off his canoe sailing skillsNov 10, 2005
Tony Snoozing124 viewsTony recovering from his long drive up to the gathering.Nov 10, 2005
The Ballos Family156 viewsJim, Ethan and Madeleine get ready to go our for a paddle Nov 10, 2005
Sunset Paddle150 viewsA warm, clear day and a great sunset also. Nothing like an evening paddle on perfectly calm water.Nov 10, 2005
Digeridoo297 viewsHow often do you get serenaded by a digeridoo player at the campfire?Nov 10, 2005
Morning Mist161 viewsA frosty morning, but the payback was a nice display of mist hanging over the lake for the early part of the day.Nov 10, 2005
Morning Temperature111 viewsNice weather most of the time, but we had one cool night - frost on everything when we woke up.Nov 10, 2005
DeepFreeze 003.jpg
Boarding the Bud Car in Sudbury311 viewsThe Thursday crew getting ready to board the Bud Car to head up to Metagama for Deep Freeze '04Nov 10, 2005
DeepFreeze 011.jpg
Loading the Bud Car259 viewsGetting ready to haul the gear into the baggage car of the Bud Car, the train we took to Metagama for this tripNov 10, 2005
DeepFreeze 030.jpg
Smokey and Al at "the beach"266 viewsSmokey and Alan enjoy the warm sun down at the shoreline Nov 10, 2005
DeepFreeze 031.jpg
Sunbathing265 viewsAlan, Richard and Peter soak up some rays on a gorgeous sunny day on the shores of Scouter LakeNov 10, 2005
DeepFreeze 044.jpg
Scenery around Scouter Lake275 viewsThis is typical of the scenery around Scouter Lake, just south of Metagama where we stayed for Deep Freeze '04Nov 10, 2005
Sunrise on OSA Lake, Killarney562 viewsWe were treated to a great sunrise on this October morning on OSA Lake in Killarney Provincial Park. Nov 10, 2005
Jim and Ethan at Hawaiian Night156 viewsJim and Ethan dress up for the party on Hawaiian night at Deep Freeze '05. A great party.Nov 10, 2005
Hawaiian Night195 viewsSmokey, TonyCC and Georgi socializing on Hawaiian night at Nitro CreekNov 10, 2005
Pasta Duty513 viewsRichard on cooking duty - making the pasta. This was during a trip on the Upper Spanish River. Nov 10, 2005
Upper Athalone Rapids588 viewsThe Upper Athalone Rapids on the Spanish RiverNov 10, 2005
Running the Upper Athalones657 viewsRunning the Upper Athalone rapids on the Spanish RiverNov 10, 2005
Morning Mist on Third Lake695 viewsHeading out from our campsite on Third Lake on the upper Spanish RiverNov 10, 2005
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