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CLOSE VIEW OF BACK OF DIY PIN KIT POUCH FOR PFD75 viewsThe pouch contains a large tubular anchor sling, a medium tubular anchor sling, a large climbing pulley, 2 smaller prussik minding climbing pulleys, 2 prussiks, and 3 locking carabiners. A fourth locking carabiner connects a 75' throwbag to the 25' rear painter on the canoe, and laminated Z Drag instructions are held in an interior pocket of the PFD. Jul 09, 2021
SIDE VIEW OF DIY PIN KIT CARRIER FOR PFD70 viewsThe pouch is fabricated from rubberized linen mesh, with all seams double-stitched and binding, and grommets for attachment points line the edges. It is secured to the PFD above the rescue harness, by paracord at 4 corners. Jul 09, 2021
DIY PIN KIT CARRIER ON PFD71 viewsA home made, low profile, quick draining zippered pouch attached to the rear of a Kokatat Maximus Prime PFD, for carrying a well put together pin kit. Jul 09, 2021
DETAILS OF FRONT DECK WATER DIVERTER74 viewsA snap showing details of the articulating water diverter which will float upward as waves deepen, and channel water off to the sides instead of into the open center portion of the canoe. An experiment. Jun 09, 2021
DETAILS OF PADDLE GARAGE72 viewsA close view of the paddle garage, which holds the blade ends of the spare paddles onto the spray deck in the event of a dump. Jun 09, 2021
FORWARD PORTION OF SPRAY DECK74 viewsA view focused on the details of the fore deck. Jun 09, 2021
66 viewsNew DIY spray deck made from repurposed tent liner fitted over tripping load and air flotation bags. Jun 09, 2021
WITH LOAD AND AIR FLOTATION BAGS114 viewsA picture of my canoe with tripping load and airbags installed prior to installation of a spray deck. Jun 09, 2021
DIY ULTRALIGHT FOLDING REFLECTOR OVEN 676 viewsOblique view of assembled reflector oven.
Total cost <$5, total weight < 5oz, total time to construct <30 mins.
May 20, 2021
DIY ULTRALIGHT FOLDING REFLECTOR OVEN 575 viewsSide view of assembled reflector oven. I use rocks or firewood to prop up the rear of it, to level the baking tray. Depending on the fire, it takes about 15 minutes to cook a bannock the size of a baby's head. May 20, 2021
DIY ULTRALIGHT FOLDING REFLECTOR OVEN 480 viewsI got the idea for this folding reflector oven from a Youtube video. It is capable of baking a bannock for two to accompany a meal. It weighs only a few ounces, and I have used it fairly heavily over a total of about 2 months of tripping. May 20, 2021
DIY ULTRALIGHT FOLDING REFLECTOR OVEN 378 viewsThe reflector oven is made from a Dollar Store oven drip pan with holes strategically placed in it for the ACCO Fasteners and skewers. The skewer holes have been lined with small brass grommets. May 20, 2021
DIY ULTRALIGHT FOLDING REFLECTOR OVEN 241 viewsThe case carries the folded oven, a baking tray, 2 ACCO Fasteners, and 2 modified BBQ skewers. May 20, 2021
DIY ULTRALIGHT FOLDING REFLECTOR OVEN 146 viewsDIY Folding reflector oven in its caseMay 20, 2021
MY TARP PITCH78 viewsA view of my standard lean-to with center pole tarp pitchNov 30, 2020
Algonquin Park fires 2016114 viewsfires in Algonquin Park as of 13 August 2016Aug 13, 2016
Ontario Forest Fires 201693 viewsall fires up to 13 August 2016Aug 13, 2016
sign90 viewsJan 24, 2016
old avatar123 viewsJul 27, 2015
659 viewsJan 29, 2014
Moose visitor280 viewsJul 22, 2013
DIY CANOE PACK 1331 viewsJul 07, 2013
DIY CANOE PACK 2325 viewsJul 07, 2013
DIY CANOE PACK FOR BARRELS298 viewsSnaps of my home-made canoe pack for carrying screw top buckets and other things. Jul 07, 2013
South River dam355 viewsJun 23, 2013
The dam South River451 viewsMay 15, 2013
Daniel Trask updated poster 2013631 viewsMay 11, 2013
Auburn Mass1134 viewsOct 16, 2012
oak gall in fall1117 viewsOct 05, 2012
Croq fungi in symbiosis with a mug mushroom913 viewsOct 05, 2012
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