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Sled146 viewsOct 24, 2006
Sled118 viewsThe sled is made with some old skiis, 1x4 rough spruce and 1/2" plywood.
Oct 24, 2006
81 viewscannis bay, bassOct 22, 2006
Front curl 1299 viewsHere is a shot of the front of my UHMW toboggan. There was a lot of spring back after the plastic was released from the form, so it needed to be tied down to hold the shape.Oct 18, 2006
Front curl 2213 viewsOct 18, 2006
ski sled bottom view149 viewsskis attached with 3 carriage bolts through 2 x 4 risers, 1/4" plywood deck and 3/4 " x 1'' gunnels. Also used several 2 1/2 " deck screws through ski into the risers.Oct 12, 2006
ski sled front view171 viewsshows bottom of sled from front. Note all wood parts sealed with 3 coats of varnishOct 12, 2006
Siglin Sled, packed, side view 2.168 viewsSiglin Sled pulk, packed for a solo cold camp for 2 days. Note curved up sides and bow and stern construction on pulk. Bow and stern cut with several tabs, sqeeezed and bolted to create upturned shape. Oct 12, 2006
Secret spot, solo trip.196 viewsSiglin sled, packed for a cold camp, 2 day trip.Oct 12, 2006
Siglin Sled, packed, side view.170 viewsSiglin Sled pulk, paked for a group cold camp for 4 days. Note curved up sides and bow and stern construction on pulk. Bow and stern cut with several tabs, sqeeezed and bolted to create upturned shape. Oct 12, 2006
Siglin Sled, packed rear view212 viewsLoaded for a 4 day cold camp trip with a group of 4 others, X_mas - New Years break, 2005Oct 12, 2006
Wedge tent211 viewsOct 11, 2006
Toboggan template167 viewsThis is the toboggan template made from bristol board.Oct 09, 2006
Toboggan jig 2166 viewsHere's a view of the toboggan jig from the front.Oct 09, 2006
Toboggan jig 1203 viewsThis is the jig I built to form the front of my UHMW toboggan. It is attached with C clamps.Oct 09, 2006
eddy123 viewsour first puppy! after a bath....Oct 08, 2006
The Snowshoe Man's Address158 viewsFor those interested..Sep 22, 2006
Temagami Morning188 viewsThis is what I want to see every morning when I wake upSep 18, 2006
The canoes begin to gather146 viewsThe canoes kept arriving for hours to attend the ceremony. This is not an access point in APP. It is a journey to reach this point and to see so many make such an effort to attend is a true testament as to the importance of the event.Sep 18, 2006
Towering White Pine154 viewsThe concentration of old growth White and Red Pines was astounding. They towered over the other trees in the forest and you never lose the feeling of awe when you see just how big these are.Sep 18, 2006
Clear Water209 viewsThe water here was much deeper than it looks. Sep 18, 2006
Goulard Rd185 viewsThe famous Goulard Rd. Road? Not for the faint of heart or Honda Civics. 20 kms of this to get Alex's place. Took well over 1 hour to travel this road and very rarely was able to get to speeds over 20 km/hSep 18, 2006
Have you hugged a tree today?155 viewsThree CCR's checking out a giant White Pine. Sep 18, 2006
Having a drink in front of Spirit Rock172 viewsDrinking water right from the lakes of Temagami is a standard fare and Chee-skon-abikong is no exceptionSep 18, 2006
Sunrise on Obabika127 viewsI never get tired of mornings like thisSep 18, 2006
_bigeast_niece0012.JPG153 viewsSep 14, 2006
APPmanitou_.JPG90 viewsSep 14, 2006
153 viewsSep 12, 2006
157 viewsSep 12, 2006
Truck Racks161 viewsTraditional Thule in front, Yakima uprights with Thule bars in rear.Sep 12, 2006
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