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Cdn Canoe Museum - Bill Mason's paiting tools130 viewsDec 08, 2005
Cdn Canoe Museum - Bill Mason's campsite100 viewsDec 08, 2005
Work by Frank Polson from Long Point Reserve, PQ101 viewsDec 08, 2005
Cdn Canoe Museum - detail of Montreal Canoe setup87 viewsDec 08, 2005
Cdn Canoe Museum - pemmican sample82 viewsDec 08, 2005
Cdn Canoe Museum - detail of birch bark canoe71 viewsDec 08, 2005
Cdn Canoe Museum - sampler of the many boats there78 viewsDec 08, 2005
Cdn Canoe Museum - decoration on birchbark canoe79 viewsDec 08, 2005
Cdn Canoe Museum - decorated bow74 viewsDec 08, 2005
Cdn Canoe Museum - Harpoon on kayak76 viewsDec 08, 2005
10 Foot playboat483 views10 foot playboat of my own design (for better or worse!) ready to start stripping. Filler project between other stuff so I'm not expecting rapid progress.Dec 06, 2005
Snow Dogs.jpg
Bill Mason Paddle184 viewsLast paddle of the year, happening on the day of the first snowfall ala the scene from Waterwalker.Dec 02, 2005
Dinner for 16608 viewsI wasn't responsible for this culinary choice!Dec 02, 2005
Dan's Ranger under construction326 viewsLooks good from farNov 25, 2005
Dan's Ranger under construction315 viewsCenter line not so straightNov 25, 2005
Dan's Ranger under construction274 viewsProblems getting other side to matchNov 25, 2005
Dan's Ranger under construction321 viewsCenter line cut, ready to plank the bottomNov 25, 2005
Dan's Ranger under construction286 viewsNov 25, 2005
Homemade cherry paddles.jpg
Homemade Cherry paddles on Lake Superior351 viewsI carved the paddle on the right from a solid piece of cherry. The one on the left was laminated from the leftovers.Nov 19, 2005
Young Hawk271 viewsYoung hawk in fledgling stage - there was 2 of them along the road into the southern access of Obabika Lk. - both still learning to fly. I took 3 pictures and then he flew down the road about 150 yds before landing again.Nov 19, 2005
My home-made tarp & bug shelter629 viewsNov 19, 2005
Resize of IMGP1089.JPG
Just a story of life in the woods137 viewsTrees are wildlife too! And this picture tells a story - I am sure you have figured it out immediately....
What happened is pretty obvious. But what does it mean? I am not sure myself. But it got me thinking. And whatever I think today, tomorrow I may have new insights and thus a differing view of the story in this picture.
Nov 18, 2005
Manitoulin Shoreline292 viewsA once beautiful part of the shoreline of strait between Manitoulin and Cockburn Island, near the Missisaugi Lighthouse. This particular part of the shoreline, photographed in 1988, has been obliterated by a dolomite quarry.Nov 17, 2005
346 viewsNov 17, 2005
VCS Setup.jpg
Eureka VCS with Bug Shelter303 viewsNov 17, 2005
Red Sail 01.jpg
Nylon Sprit Sail255 viewsNov 17, 2005
Red Sail 02.jpg
Nylon Sprit Sail on Spider Lake236 viewsNov 17, 2005
White Sail 01.jpg
Poly Sail on Lake Temagami207 viewsNov 17, 2005
White Sail 02.jpg
Poly Sail with Tuc Tape441 viewsNov 17, 2005
Home Made Anorak695 viewsHere's the anorak in use at the Deep Freeze trip on Nitro Creek in Feb. 2005Nov 17, 2005
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