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Home Made Anorak - Hood Up403 viewsThe hood is very deep, and extends well beyond the front of the face - not great for peripheral vision, but it sure cuts the wind well.Nov 17, 2005
Home Made Anorak - Opened Up338 viewsHere's what the neck looks like opened up with the hood down. The big triangular gusset in the front makes the opening very large and helps ventilate if you get hot.Nov 17, 2005
Home Made Anorak436 viewsHere's the final product in use out on a trip.Nov 17, 2005
Home Made Anorak - the Front Pocket468 viewsJust as we started to put it together. The two sides will easily each hold a large leather mitt. The little pockets on the front were designed to hold odds 'n ends like matches, a compass, fire starters, etc.Nov 17, 2005
Home-Made Anorak Front Pocket414 viewsThis is the front pocket with the pocket flaps in place, the snow flaps at the side and the trim along the top.Nov 17, 2005
Completed Home-Made Anorak - Hood Up467 viewsThe anorak with the hood up and cinched tight around the face.Nov 17, 2005
Whales basking in the Outer Fox Islands, French River PP261 viewsOkay, not really........but a wonderful scene none the lessNov 15, 2005
Sanding sealed canvas444 views15 ft Chestnut Chum set up as soloNov 15, 2005
Replacing ribs and plank474 views16 ft Chestnut PalNov 15, 2005
cropped chestnuts.jpe
Finished Chestnuts721 viewsNov 15, 2005
wolfvegas 008.jpg
The Ocean229 viewsBay of Fundy, Cape Split head trailNov 15, 2005
wolfvegas 002.jpg
Cape Split on a good day89 viewsMarch in Nova Scotia on the oceanNov 15, 2005
White Juan342 views160 cm of snow in 24 hours. WoW!!!!Nov 15, 2005
Shaggy Designs~0.jpg
The Saint538 viewsThis is the proto-type of the Saint converted to a true C-1. if you intrested how composite boats are made check out
There's a awsome C-2 on the site to...paddlers sit back to back.
Nov 15, 2005
New Tarp - Algonquin Parkside Bay Sept 05.jpg
New Tarp - Algonquin Parkside Bay Sept 05404 viewsNew custom made silnylon tarp. 10 x 12
5 re-enforced tieouts per side, 5 through the center.
Edge taped and seam sealed. 1lb 12 oz
Nov 14, 2005
David Lake...Killarney430 viewsNov 14, 2005
DSCN3509 rot.jpg
106 viewsSunrise over Lake Ont Oct 1 2005Nov 14, 2005
Pancakes414 viewsMy friend Karl enjoy some of the creature comforts as well as pancakes. Cooks everything in a wok. Campsite on Kipawa River, Aug 2005 Nov 14, 2005
Corned Beef Hash and Eggs664 viewsNot a bad way to start a cold winter day.Nov 14, 2005
Oven Baked Biscuits555 viewsReflector oven use in a hot tent setup. Good eating is just one of the benefits of a winter campNov 14, 2005
Vigilant Sentry280 viewsSplit Rock LighthouseNov 14, 2005
Serenity339 viewsWinter camp along Lake SuperiorNov 14, 2005
Winter Walk338 viewsSnowshoeing up the Split Rock River, rumbling beneath our feet.Nov 14, 2005
Home School.JPG
Home school at Minden344 viewsNov 14, 2005
OSA Lake Sunset230 viewsNov 13, 2005
Muriel Lake, Killarney307 viewsAugust 1996.......shot with a cheap panoramic disposable camera. It says everything that I could ever say about canoeing..... and moreNov 13, 2005
How the Milky Way was born.........281 viewsNov 13, 2005
French river.........mouth of the main channel224 viewsNov 13, 2005
Caribou at Kazan Falls149 viewsNov 13, 2005
Pink Ladyslipper 2.JPG
Lady Slipper ....Bon Echo185 viewsNov 13, 2005
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