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Etching Canoe666 viewsWorking on the canoe in the yard scraping designs into the bark.
Finished bark canoe728 viewsThis 14' canoe spent some quality time in the Quetico Wilderness.
Bayfield River near Hwy 21 bridge1943 viewsHere my grandkids practice their strokes...they are in heaven...this is their first canoe season, one I hope will last a lifetime.
Bayfield River, Heading into Lake Huron1289 viewsThis is my grandkid's first canoe season and they love it...however once we reached the end of the government docks up ahead and turned south (left) they became quite nervous, but never said a word...very quiet paddle in the lake.
Entry to Lake Huron via the Bayfield River, Ontario1306 viewsWe paddled the Bayfield river and are just entering Lake Huron. It is early morning and the mist is still rising. Visibility is low out into the lake, however the shoreline can still be easily seen. It is a great paddle when the waters are calm. This lake is notorious for rough waters...
Lake Huron at Bayfield, ON1011 viewsWe paddled out from the Bayfield River and headed south towards Grand Bend...but did not go very far. It was a great experience for my grandkids...they love canoeing and this was there first season in a canoe.
Lake Huron - Bayfield, ON1293 viewsAfter paddling along the Bayfield River, past Hwy 21 bridge and through Harbour Lights Marnia and out into the depths of Lake Huron. This is what is left of a sunken Steamer that was hauled from Owen Sound and then from Goderich. It is stuck about a half mile from Bayfield beach. The boys were quite nervous on this paddle...they were glad when we went ashore for lunch and a swim.
Bow With a View500 viewsThis is the first picture I took, on my first canoe trip with Sundown (2 years ago) fact, my first canoe trip EVER!!!! Just stopped paddling and said "Wait! I need this amazing!"
Buried in Shavings754 viewsShaving down the cedar with the crooked knife takes a long time.
Canoe 014.jpg
Loaded Canoe Trailer119 viewsThe trailer all loaded up - ready to haul the boats to our put-in spot for the day trip.
DIY CANOE PACK FOR BARRELS300 viewsSnaps of my home-made canoe pack for carrying screw top buckets and other things.
Catherine's Serenity447 viewsMirror-like refections of beautiful day ahead at Catherine Lake, Northern Ontario. This was an absolutely beautiful lake and so many wonderful campsites. Fish and loons were abudant ..... scenery, spectacular.

Feathered Skies on Makobe Lake345 viewsThird and last day on Makobe Lake campsite, we enjoy our coffee while admiring the changing morning skies.
Morning Mist on Third Lake699 viewsHeading out from our campsite on Third Lake on the upper Spanish River
The Flotilla Heads Out174 viewsThe gang head out for a day trip around the chain of lakes in Grundy Provincial Park.
Dan Sailing123 viewsDan Thomsen shows off his canoe sailing skills
Independence at refrigerator rock145 viewsBanks of the Allegheny NW PA
Journey on the Makobe River, Northern Ontario474 viewsGorgeous, big skies enroute to Alexander Lake, via the Makobe River
Kobe - Happy CanoeDog354 viewsKobe looking out for obstructions ;o)
Kobe's Canoe Buddy262 viewsSundown & Sundance (Kobe) - Introduction to Canoeing
Sundown's Element312 viewsPhoto taken from inside the tent at Alexander Lake, enroute through the Makobe River. Morning light perfectly "frames" my "subject" at it's truest "form".....timeless.
Makobe Canyon Passage570 viewsNarrow, but deep canyon passage on the Makobe River, enroute to Elk Lake
Makobe's Challenge341 viewsThe Makobe River route was definitely challenging....with many portages (and we were not light), it made for a physically and mentally demanding trip. Nothing like the end of a hard days work, by the fire, to rejuvenate, though!!!!

What an AMAZING route and an INCREDIBLE experience!
Monet's Canoe Route305 viewsSundown & I came around the bend, into Alexander Lake and all I could think of is "Monet"!!!
"BIG RED"703 viewsDave's 70 year old Thompson wood-canvas canoe
Reminders of Yester Years226 viewsYoung man dragging canoe up the Makobe River .....
Sunset on Temagami135 viewsSunset after dinner on Temagami Canoe Trip
Krugers canoe looking good.683 views
Where's Mommy204 viewsKobe sits on stern seat to check the view
Yellow Canoe on Rankin Lake, Northern Ontario511 viewsWonderous, early evening skies before the storm ..... Amazing!
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