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Ledge on Pekans River850 viewsPortaging around L5 on Pekans River,67+15+15.43W&t=h&z=12
Pekans - Moisie portage697 viewsIt took us a while to find start of Pekans/Moisie portage. Very buggy - blackflies. Portage trail wasn't easy to follow esp. at the start. At one point, side path splits off to the right (but then ends soon). Main trail goes straight up the rock and it's hard to see. We portaged in two and a half passes. It was a very hard portage: rocky, muddy at the places, with one gully to cross.
First portage on Charpentier River728 views
Caterpillar V portage396 views
2004-10-10 116.JPG
Portage Cart - Germany66 viewsA sign at a portage in the woods 100km north of Berlin - alright.....
George Freeland Portage.jpg
George Freeland Portage695 viewsThe short George to Freeland Lake portage in Killarney Provincial Park. Feeland Lake is in the foreground
130 viewsMushrooms along the portage trail
88 viewsMushroom along the portage trail.
Makobe's Challenge310 viewsThe Makobe River route was definitely challenging....with many portages (and we were not light), it made for a physically and mentally demanding trip. Nothing like the end of a hard days work, by the fire, to rejuvenate, though!!!!

What an AMAZING route and an INCREDIBLE experience!
Middle and Upper Cascades, Kazan River162 viewsPanorama of the beginning of the portage around the middle falls of the Kazan.
Urban Portage69 viewsWell, it's not exactly "wilderness tripping," but the Grand River does provide a nice little jaunt closer to "home" for many in Southern Ontario. This photo was taken at our take-out point in Paris, where we loaded up the trailers.
Trolly Portage.jpg
Three Mile to Balsam Lake Portage (Tramway)427 viewsDonny & Bob portage into Balsam Lake (Killarney) using the 30m tramway
Portage at the Falls309 viewsPortage at the lower falls of the Burnside River in Nunavut
Wenonah Cascade carried by Gordon Congdon
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