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hey where's the snow?220 viewsearly March, 2007...along track and tower trail in Alqonquin Park...'difficult' conditions due to lack of snow. We chose to stay on the land trails as many creeks, beaver dams, lakes were already wet and too slush for fun pulling. Thats a black plastic sled from Can Tire with haul bars made from white plastic plumbing pipe. Great on twisting, turning hiking trails.
nylon webbing toe plastic clip detail105 views
Sunset on Lac Minto341 views
APPmanitou_.JPG74 views
Backside of the Buckley Dry Fly1444 viewsAfter the tree damaged the Comet, the tent dwellers ran to the Buckley to report in and just missed being hit a second time. The tree was kept from falling further by the branches and the tarp ropes. Storm damage on Manitou Lake, Algonquin Park
Czar hauls the Osprey out of the Comet763 viewsAfter the tree was blown down the gear was salvaged and the team regrouped. Storm damage on Manitou Lake, Algonquin Park
Group Picture290 viewsHere's a montage of all of the Deep Freeze attendees in 2004. Good thing Mike brought his dog to fill in that bottom right corner, or the symmetry would have been destroyed.
DIY Reflector Oven791 viewsIn the foreground the sum total of tools used in the process. The Vise grips with the sheet metal attachment wer very useful and only 20 bucks.
DIY Reflector Oven Side view623 views
DIY reflector Oven Front view597 views
DIY Reflector533 viewsBased on the Kraiker's design. A prototype built with a roll of Roofing Aluminum and a couple of Coat Hangers. THis view is it folded up.
Pictographs Gammon River282 viewsColors have been enhanced with Photoshop, but these pictographs are unusually bright. (I rarely photograph pictos as a sign out of respect for some who believe they should not be photographed - and when I do photograph them I always manipulate the image.)
Lake Superior - July 2005 - Hitchiker660 viewsStopped for a break in a little bay and decided to give this critter a lift as he was swimming toward land and my canoe was in his/her way.
Pictographs - Spanish River579 viewsPictographs on Ninth Lake, on the Spanish River route. Sadly, the cliff face containing these pictographs has modern graffiti in other areas.
Tony Snoozing90 viewsTony recovering from his long drive up to the gathering.
North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton1115 viewsRiver valley in Edmonton, Alberta
Out for a spin205 viewsTaking the new canoe for a spin on Lake of Bays.
With this on my shoulders I think I could travel anywhere198 viewsA real dream to carry. The stock contoured yoke was a nice fit and was balanced just right
Placing bannock in reflector oven499 views
Bannock Baking543 views
Ragged Falls.jpg
Ragged Falls on the Oxtongue River396 views
Stratton Site.jpg
Stratton Lake site448 views
Warning Sign.jpg
Ragged Falls Warning Sign, Oxtongue River410 views
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