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On the water day 1111 views
Two canoes on narrow rack281 viewsThe upper canoe has the yoke removed to create a solid arrangement. Check also the picture with front view.
two canoes on narrow rack453 viewsNot all lines are attached. Also, I later added foam blocks between gunnel of upper canoe and the hull it rested on to avoid scuffing.
Mozhabong Lake - view from Moose Narrows to the north1761 views
2004-10-10 104.JPG
kayaking 100km north of Berlin73 viewsIt ain't wilderness, but it's wild enough....
2004-10-10 111.JPG
Beaverlodge - Germany68 viewsOn a river about 100km north of Berlin
2004-10-10 116.JPG
Portage Cart - Germany66 viewsA sign at a portage in the woods 100km north of Berlin - alright.....
2004-10-10 138.JPG
Tradional poled boat in Germany68 viewsfrom a house in Eichstaett
Purple haze300 views
Sunset from camp298 views
Group Picture290 viewsHere's a montage of all of the Deep Freeze attendees in 2004. Good thing Mike brought his dog to fill in that bottom right corner, or the symmetry would have been destroyed.
Leo149 viewsWaiting for Mommy (Lilydipper) to open door and go for our "garden walk".
Lake St.Francis Algonquin Park.jpg
Lake St.Fransic480 viewsEarly morning shot facing west. Taken by a cheapo disposable camera. August 29, 2004
loon lilipads.jpg
Loon Creek Lillypads409 viewsFarm Creek between Island Lk and Loon Lk ( aka Loon Creek) July 2004
QEIIWPP - Black Creek gorge464 viewsGorge/portage to Black lake from Sheldon
QEIIWPP - Painted Turtle436 viewsThis Painted turtle came up the cliff and was laying eggs right on the path from the water to the campsite
Outer Fox Islands 2004455 viewsA great campsite in the Outer Foxes ! ( French River PP)
Richard Grand River 2004.jpg
Richard at his best!77 viewsSpring Gathering, Grand River 2004
slush tracks113 viewscrossing the Amable du Fond, Feb 2004
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