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Winner of the August 2011 Photo Contest180 views
Lunch on Moisie276 viewsOn August 11 we had one portage, starting in the creek, then branching left over the ridge. Part of broken yellow Esquif canoe on the other side. We had lunch there and used it for a table. It is a huge campsite spot.,66+8+36.31W&t=h&z=12
Algonquin Park fires 201637 viewsfires in Algonquin Park as of 13 August 2016
French River train derailment108 viewsAugust 10th there was a derailment just north of the French River Supply Post on the CP line. There were 3 tankers and a couple of boxcars. Apparently the contents of the tankers was diesel fuel. I was unable to find any information about this incident online but I did get through to the investigator from the Sudbury Ministry of Environment today. He said that the spill was minor, 100 to 1000 liters of fuel at most leaked out and feels that it was all contained before it got into the river. The clean up is
Brendan_s Big Bass.jpg
Bass Pic276 viewsThe fishing was a bit slow on Noganosh this year...but we caught a few anyway!
Muriel Lake, Killarney288 viewsAugust 1996.......shot with a cheap panoramic disposable camera. It says everything that I could ever say about canoeing..... and more
Dinner287 views
Ontario Forest Fires 201633 viewsall fires up to 13 August 2016
Wolf Snare228 viewsHad there been a Beer there, the two of us might have been caught!
High water on Ezma Lake606 viewsEven though it is in the middle of August 2008, the lake level is like in spring. The shrubs (meadowsweet) stand still in the water, and many trees along the shore (mostly cedars) have died as they could not tolerate the prolonged immersion.
Kalon on the De Pas411 viewsKalon Baughan on the De Pas River, WREAF Nunavik/Trans-Labrador Expedition, September 2009
Lake St.Francis Algonquin Park.jpg
Lake St.Fransic463 viewsEarly morning shot facing west. Taken by a cheapo disposable camera. August 29, 2004
Lake_Conasauga148 viewsmec mantis
Lake_Conasauga147 viewsmy new mec mantis :) high in the georgia mountians
Manitoulin Shoreline272 viewsA once beautiful part of the shoreline of strait between Manitoulin and Cockburn Island, near the Missisaugi Lighthouse. This particular part of the shoreline, photographed in 1988, has been obliterated by a dolomite quarry.
Massasauga Rattlesnake833 viewsGeorgian Bay, French River, Fingerboards
Temagami - Maxam Lake390 viewsAugust 2007
Pancakes393 viewsMy friend Karl enjoy some of the creature comforts as well as pancakes. Cooks everything in a wok. Campsite on Kipawa River, Aug 2005
Walleye392 viewsCaught this 23" walleye from a wood canvas canoe. It ended up in the pan for breakfast.
Shore Lunch342 viewsEnjoying shore lunch of freshly caught bass & walleye was norm for a day of bush wacking into a back lake.
Rebecca60 viewsFuture paddler Rebecca Saffron.
Daughter of CCR members PaulBH and Susan.
Relaxing131 viewsAfter a morning of fishing, local man relaxing in his dugout, with young daughter on shore.
Snowbank Lake sunrise, Aug 18, 2011428 viewsLooking east at the sunrise that is blocked by the storm that started the Pagami Creek fire.
Sunset L Ogascanan Que.JPG
Rabbit Lake August 2007313 views
Vaugn in Bob_s Special.jpg
Vaugn in Bob's Special289 views
Samsman and Sam633 viewsNortherb end of Wood's Bay, Massasauga Pk
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