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Rögen Nature Reserve, Sweden101 viewsEnjoying "The Good Life" on the most beautifull camping spot we found on this 3 week trip... (Lake Vandahaan, exactely on the border Norway-Sweden))
Campsite and access point on Waswanipi River1055 viewsJust off the James Bay Road,77+14+46.97W&t=h&z=12
Lake Kioshkokwi2398 viewsI ran to get my camera as this island emerged from the morning mist on Kioshkokwi Lake - after my very first night camped in Algonquin Provincial Park.
Transtaiga road- campsite above Caniapiscau Reservoir/Lac Brisay3662 views,70+26+42.58W&t=h&z=12
The Campsite (DF 2007)195 views
Campfire (DF2007)133 views
Campsite on Duck Island576 viewsCampsite on Duck Island, Lac Nedlouc; start of Charpentier/Leaf 2007 expedition
Campsite on the west end of Duck Island683 views
Campsite on Blackfly Island, Charpentier River532 views
Campsite at the waterfall on Moisie River677 viewsAs we were approaching waterfall at km 262, we noticed smoke rising on the right side. There is a campsite at the end of the portage and there we found a group of 8 canoeists from France. They spoke very little English and we spoke very little French. Quiet deep canyon on Moisie They travelled in 4 funny looking SEPAL canoes (fiberglass). Guy called Jean has a form for it in Charlevoix, QC. Such canoe is capable of carrying 5 big barrels. They were taking 3 weeks paddling through Carheil (Fermont, QC start)
Oxford Lake467 views
Campsite on Charpentier River462 views
Oxford Lake441 views
Campsite on Charpentier River383 views
heading for home189 viewsUHMW-PE toboggan, 12' long, 16" wide
fully loaded, pulled by a single dog
Algonquin Park, March 2006
Serenity338 viewsWinter camp along Lake Superior
Oven Baked Biscuits555 viewsReflector oven use in a hot tent setup. Good eating is just one of the benefits of a winter camp
Moisie - Unloading at the campsite424 viewsCampsite on island at km 162, past confluence with Caopacho River.,66+17+26.41W&t=h&z=12
Leaf River Outfitters322 views
Leaf River Outfitters412 views
Fish Ladder Waterfall on Moisie (Katchapahun)410 viewsAt the Fish Ladder we took a portage on river right. It is a very steep path up, along a path behind the cliffy hill. Despite the steep profile, the path is relatively in a good shape. Nice camp on the other side, lots of boardwalk & the cabin. We portaged around first R3 (ledge) using the boardwalk.,66+17+39.47W&t=h&z=12
Campsite on the Leaf River268 views
Lunch on Moisie285 viewsOn August 11 we had one portage, starting in the creek, then branching left over the ridge. Part of broken yellow Esquif canoe on the other side. We had lunch there and used it for a table. It is a huge campsite spot.,66+8+36.31W&t=h&z=12
Caribou at the campsite340 views
Caribou crossing Leaf River245 views
Campsite on Leaf River273 views
Coppermine River229 viewsThe Massacre at Bloody Falls was an incident that took place during Samuel Hearne's exploration of the Coppermine River in 1771. Chipewyan warriors led by Hearne's guide and companion Matonabbee discovered a group of local Inuit camped by rapids approximately 15 kilometres upstream from the mouth of the Coppermine. Just after midnight on July 17, the Chipewyan set upon the Inuit camp and killed approximately 20 men, women and children. Witnessing the massacre traumatized Hearne, and he was haunted by the memories until his death in 1792.

Trash left by some previous camper194 viewssox are OK, but 5W30 as fire starter, bottle 3/4 full - this is too much!
abandoned camp fire177 viewspretty hot stuff....
(Length Lake, Algonquin Park)
Camp on the Wind River765 viewsOur second day campsite on the Wind. Spent the day hiking
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