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Caopacho River357 viewsConfluence with Caopacho - nice views of beautiful waterfall on Caopacho.,66+17+27.35W&t=h&z=12
Moisie - Unloading at the campsite404 viewsCampsite on island at km 162, past confluence with Caopacho River.,66+17+26.41W&t=h&z=12
Confluence of the Kechika and Liard851 viewsKechika River where it enters the Liard. Early Morning.
Heading Out916 viewsKechika River just above confluence with Liard River. Kechika Spit Rapids.
Clipper Cascade
Obabika - Sturgeon confluence427 views
Swimming Squirrel159 viewsCrossing at the confluence of the Montreal River and the Lady Evelyn River, just downstream of the Mattawapika Dam (Temagami). I almost drowned the poor fellow trying to get in close for a good shot. I ended up blocking his way and he had to swim under my canoe to get past me!
Camp at the Confluence245 viewsCamping at the confluence of the Burnside River with the Mara River. CCS bug tent.
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