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Pekans - Moisie portage697 viewsIt took us a while to find start of Pekans/Moisie portage. Very buggy - blackflies. Portage trail wasn't easy to follow esp. at the start. At one point, side path splits off to the right (but then ends soon). Main trail goes straight up the rock and it's hard to see. We portaged in two and a half passes. It was a very hard portage: rocky, muddy at the places, with one gully to cross.
Cross Lake285 views
Cross Lake297 views
Cross Lake282 views
Cross Lake339 views
Bear crossing Leaf River306 views
Bear crossing Leaf River344 views
Caribou crossing Leaf River323 views
Caribou crossing Leaf River245 views
Caribou crossing Leaf River258 views
Coulonge river5314 viewsPeaceful campsite, just above the creek coming to the river right from lake Bryson. Few minutes ago a bear swam across the river fifty yards from camp, near the river bend.
looking down at the Manitouwabing river705 viewsJust below the falls David skips accoss the rocks looking for interesting things.
Portage from John to Kelsie crosses a swamp outlet via the old dam491 views
portage leading into Dusty from Mozhabong432 viewsthe first few 100m are across spagnum moss, but at this point the ground is reasonably firm just like a portage should be....
Squirrel tunneling towards bird feeder201 viewsAbout 30cm of powder snow have made it impractical for the squirrel to bound across the lawn to reach the seeds below the bird feeder. So s/he tunneled towards it from the hedge in the back ground. There are two "air holes" (right and bottom right) pushed out from underneath, but no tracks leading away from those.
Fuzzy maps - crownland use atlas138 viewsThis map has the most accurate representation of water vs dry land. But it's unlikely that you wil have it on you as you try to make your way across the bush.....
Fuzzy maps - Garmin topomap139 viewsif you were out in the field, it would tell you just fine where in relationship to the large lakes and the elevation lines you are, but there is no hint of the wet obstructions that are ahead of you as you are trying to cross the land.
Fuzzy maps - topo 1:50,000136 viewsA lot of the details are brushed over, and the map is confusing when trying to cross between bigger lakes and navigate by landmarks.
Crossing the Creek in Fall/Winter77 viewsyou do what you have to, to keep your parts warm....
Early Morning Paddle Temagami106 viewsEarly morning paddle on Temagami near Cross Lake.
slush tracks113 viewscrossing the Amable du Fond, Feb 2004
Storm Clouds122 viewsSome of the freakiest clouds I have ever seen. They were churning and turning and moving across the sky at an incredible pace.
Swimming Squirrel177 viewsCrossing at the confluence of the Montreal River and the Lady Evelyn River, just downstream of the Mattawapika Dam (Temagami). I almost drowned the poor fellow trying to get in close for a good shot. I ended up blocking his way and he had to swim under my canoe to get past me!
GArmin Topo canada image just W of Bon Echo169 viewsthis is about 6km across and one can magnify drastically. Try it out on and selct the MapViewer in the top right corner of the page
Verlens old canoe gets a face lift378 viewsGood job Dan and Scott and others who are redoing Verlens canoe.
This is the canoe from the book "One incredible Journey" and the documentary film "Never Before, Never Again"
Across N. America in 6-months by canoe.
Krugers historic canoe get a face lift496 viewsEven a new paint job on the canoe that crossed Canada in 1971 from Montreal to the Bering Sea.
Krugers canoe gets a face lift.663 views21 foot Sitka Spruce canoe...used in the 1971 crossing of Canada to the Bering Sea in 6-months by Clint Waddell and Verlen Kruger
Kruger and Waddell's Canoe from 1971 crossing of Canada764 viewsThis 21 footer gets a face lift.
Krugers tired and worn out canoe from the epic 1971 paddle across Canada.537 viewsVerlen built this 110 lb Sitka spruce canoe for he and Clint Waddells historic crossing of Canada in one season...from Montreal to the Bering Sea in 6-months time. Thanks to Scott and Dan Smith in Michigan the canoe will be back in ship-shape to be used again.
Watch Hill7641 viewsI stumbled across this scene while bushwaking across the barrens south of Petty Harbour. Fortune Gullies is in the forground and Watch Hill in the background. Many small animal tracks lead straight into the pond.
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