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Ope East Arm 2014223 views
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Temagami No Name Lake1637 viewsSituated between Lady Evelyn Lake on the east and Willow Island Lake on the west, this is the western end of the first of two portages used to access Willow Island Lake when traveling from Lady Evelyn Lake. There is a campsite marked on the Chrismar map and the shallow sandy landing area makes a nice lunch spot.
Sunrise on Pigeon Bay, Lake Winnipeg303 viewsGet going early on Lake Winnipeg and sleep in the afternoon.
Bobbit Hole568 viewsEno River NC on April 4 - a little southeastern paddling to start the season.
Chiniguchi 003.jpg
Falls - Chiniguchi Area231 viewsA small falls near Wolf Lake in the Chiniguchi area, east of Sudbury
Chiniguchi 023.jpg
Hennessy Hammock464 viewsThis is my Hennessy Hammock in use on a trip in the Chiniguchi area, east of Sudbury. The hammock has a full bug screen, a silnylon rain fly and fastens easily to any two reasonably spaced trees. Access is through a slit in the bottom.
High falls-Gibson River665 viewsThis is the top of High falls on the Gibson river in th distance you cans see the pool that the falls dump into. the top section of the falls look tempting to run but with a fall of at least 30 feet. It is not wise
portage start from John to Kelsie456 viewsthe trail bends a bit to the north before continuing eastwards, parallel to the valley
Easter on the Rouge, between the 401 and the Lake497 viewsKinda bleak - but the local beaver is not bothered by that and cuts his trees anytime he feels like it
Puzzle Lake, north end, east bay749 views
Kasba Lake, Northeast Esker127 viewsCamp on Kasba Lake, July 2005. Ice out in the northern basin occurred this year during the first week in July. (Note the ice chunks in the lake.)
484 viewsNortheast Georgian Bay; Naiscoot River to Pickerel River
East end of Burnt Island Lake125 views
Bob's Bluff729 viewsEastern Shore NS
East River of Pictou, NS165 views
S2020012123 viewsmec wanderer and mantis at east end of strattton lake.
Snowbank Lake sunrise, Aug 18, 2011441 viewsLooking east at the sunrise that is blocked by the storm that started the Pagami Creek fire.
Upper East River of Pictou645 views
Wolf lake view385 viewsLooking south-west from a mountain top on the East shore of Wolf lake, Chiniguchi, Temagami.
_bigeast_niece0012.JPG130 views
Muskox207 viewsMuskox on the tundra. They smelled bad and drew clouds of mosquitoes!
Log Jam Rapids No. 2953 viewsRunning Log Jam Rapids No. 2 on the Gataga River in northeastern B.C. Muskwa-Kechika Management Area
Seven Sisters795 viewsSeven Sisters in the Muskwa Range of northeastern B.C. as seen from the Kechika River.
East side Algonquin closures136 views
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