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On the water day 199 views
Bayfield River near Hwy 21 bridge1789 viewsHere my grandkids practice their strokes...they are in heaven...this is their first canoe season, one I hope will last a lifetime.
Bayfield River, Heading into Lake Huron1174 viewsThis is my grandkid's first canoe season and they love it...however once we reached the end of the government docks up ahead and turned south (left) they became quite nervous, but never said a word...very quiet paddle in the lake.
Lake Huron at Bayfield, ON929 viewsWe paddled out from the Bayfield River and headed south towards Grand Bend...but did not go very far. It was a great experience for my grandkids...they love canoeing and this was there first season in a canoe.
Canoe 001.jpg
Merlin Taking it Easy70 viewsDan sits back 'n rests a spell
Canoe 002.jpg
Uneven Portage Carry82 viewsDave and Sandy experiencing a problem with portaging due to a height differential
Canoe 007.jpg
Hanging Around108 viewsDarren Cope, Matt Fallowfield and Rick Pargeter visiting at the Grand River gathering
Canoe 012.jpg
Danny and Donny70 viewsDan and Don ... just hangin' out
Cool Weather95 viewsFrost on the window ... we had some cold temperatures
Group Shot66 viewsA group shot of the gang at Byng Island Campground
Snapper in the Clouds202 viewsMegwetch to 'Grandfather Turtle" for allowing me yo take his picture.
Donny Martini's106 viewsDonny manning his martini bar
Grand Camp.JPG
Grand Lake2198 viewsCampsite on Grand Lake
Grand Lake1582 viewsLunch break in the fog and mist.
Lunch on the Grand.jpg
Lunch time landing104 viewsLanded for lunch and then explored the Old Mill located down a short trail from here.
Lake Winnipeg 30 below383 viewsTaken on a over night Trek from Grand Beach to Gimli. Sunrise the temp was -30c. I had to cuddle with my stove to get it going... haha
Grand River Mill53 viewsThe old mill along the Grand River. Sorry Brian, I forget all of your wonderful historical details!
Looking downstream from the campsite72 viewsA shot of the Grand RIver looking downstream from the SOG(GY)'05 campsite.
Urban Portage58 viewsWell, it's not exactly "wilderness tripping," but the Grand River does provide a nice little jaunt closer to "home" for many in Southern Ontario. This photo was taken at our take-out point in Paris, where we loaded up the trailers.
Richard Grand River 2004.jpg
Richard at his best!65 viewsSpring Gathering, Grand River 2004
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