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hey where's the snow?208 viewsearly March, 2007...along track and tower trail in Alqonquin Park...'difficult' conditions due to lack of snow. We chose to stay on the land trails as many creeks, beaver dams, lakes were already wet and too slush for fun pulling. Thats a black plastic sled from Can Tire with haul bars made from white plastic plumbing pipe. Great on twisting, turning hiking trails.
Esker Lakes236 viewsNorth side of the first portage en route to the Thlewiaza River from the Cochrane River.
Liard Air815 viewsCessna 185 taking off from Mayfield Lakes in the Northern Rockies
Bull Moose833 viewsBull Moose at Mayfield Lakes in the Northern Rockies. Photographed from a canoe. Muskwa Kechika Management Area
B.C. Bull Moose246 viewsLocation: Mayfield Lakes- Northern Rockies, photographed from a canoe.
Mayfield Lakes866 viewsMayfield Lakes in the Northern Rockies, start of trip down the Gataga and Kechika Rivers.
Having a drink in front of Spirit Rock147 viewsDrinking water right from the lakes of Temagami is a standard fare and Chee-skon-abikong is no exception
Rouge River, Toronto - the landing in mid-winter, near the lakeshore412 viewsmaybe a 2m band of ice floes make the launch a bit awkward but not tricky. From here, one can paddle for maybe 2km up to the Hwy#2 bridge
Erratic, carried down to Toronto564 viewson the west side on Spadina, N of College
Big and Small Caribou Lakes are about 70km NNE of Parry Sound, not far from Noganosh Lake.
The Flotilla Heads Out100 viewsThe gang head out for a day trip around the chain of lakes in Grundy Provincial Park.
Fuzzy maps - Garmin topomap124 viewsif you were out in the field, it would tell you just fine where in relationship to the large lakes and the elevation lines you are, but there is no hint of the wet obstructions that are ahead of you as you are trying to cross the land.
Fuzzy maps - topo 1:50,000122 viewsA lot of the details are brushed over, and the map is confusing when trying to cross between bigger lakes and navigate by landmarks.
Albany River falls between miminiska and petawanga lakes426 viewsfrom the geological survey map 42e, 1933
Lanezi Lake from canoe shelter site750 viewsBowron Lakes circuit
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