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Paddling through the ledge816 viewsPekans River.
Ledge on Pekans River835 viewsPortaging around L5 on Pekans River,67+15+15.43W&t=h&z=12
Ledge on Pekans River703 views,67+3+26.97W&t=h&z=12
Caterpillar II ledge, Charpentier River471 views
Caterpillar II ledge on Charpentier River417 views
Fish Ladder Waterfall on Moisie (Katchapahun)392 viewsAt the Fish Ladder we took a portage on river right. It is a very steep path up, along a path behind the cliffy hill. Despite the steep profile, the path is relatively in a good shape. Nice camp on the other side, lots of boardwalk & the cabin. We portaged around first R3 (ledge) using the boardwalk.,66+17+39.47W&t=h&z=12
Canoeing Over Gooseberry Ledge 1871 viewsSetting up to pass solo over Gooseberry Ledge on Upper Red Deer River in Caption canoe.
Canoeing Over Gooseberry Ledge 2887 viewsCanoeing over Gooseberry Ledge in Caption at flow rate of about 25-30 cu-m/s on Upper Red Deer River
Gooseberry Ledge 3983 viewsRunning Gooseberry Ledge on Upper Red Deer River in whitewater kayak.
Grants Creek/Pooh Lake/Chateau Lake Route Map190 viewsTaken from MNR: whose site says, “If credit is given and Crown copyright is acknowledged, the materials may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes”. I have marked in my route information in bright pink or black.
Upper Red Deer River1066 viewsRunning a small ledge on the Upper Red Deer River in Mad River Caption
First Ledge, Peninsula Rapid, Seal R.232 viewsThis is the first rapid below Bastion Rock and is unnamed in Hap's book. He says "a CIII with spirit."
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