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Transtaiga road sign612 viewsStart of Transtaiga Road, Northern Quebec
Stone Ara Port4549 viewsEnd of 1 mile port between Stone lake and Ara lake in Northern Ontario
Did he get the shot?216 viewsRob gets some backup while photographing North Falls on the Churchill River near Otter Lake, Saskatchewan.
Mozhabong Lake - view from Moose Narrows to the north1732 views
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kayaking 100km north of Berlin65 viewsIt ain't wilderness, but it's wild enough....
2004-10-10 111.JPG
Beaverlodge - Germany60 viewsOn a river about 100km north of Berlin
2004-10-10 116.JPG
Portage Cart - Germany58 viewsA sign at a portage in the woods 100km north of Berlin - alright.....
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Temagami Willow Island Lake1558 viewsThis is the older portage landing prior to the relocation south at the western end of the second of two portages between Lady Evelyn Lake and Willow Island. This is an easy route to Willow Island if coming from Diamond or making a loop through Lady Evelyn from the north.
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Temagami Willow Island Creek1271 viewsWillow Island Creek runs north from Willow Island Lake, through Hobart and north of Hammer Lake. Between Anvil and the Bergeron portage there are several log jams making this an interesting route.
Northwestern Ontario Snowstorm, May 17 2009 image209 views
Bunch Grass Tundra55 viewsHiking above tree-line on Mount Kanipaiashis north of the Falcoz River.
French River train derailment108 viewsAugust 10th there was a derailment just north of the French River Supply Post on the CP line. There were 3 tankers and a couple of boxcars. Apparently the contents of the tankers was diesel fuel. I was unable to find any information about this incident online but I did get through to the investigator from the Sudbury Ministry of Environment today. He said that the spill was minor, 100 to 1000 liters of fuel at most leaked out and feels that it was all contained before it got into the river. The clean up is
North Rouge Lake Map Errors166 viewsSome errors and out-of-date information on the Canoe Routes of Algonquin Park Map and others.
Bunch Grass Tundra210 viewsHiking above tree-line on Mount Kanipaiashis north of the Falcoz River.
Catherine's Serenity382 viewsMirror-like refections of beautiful day ahead at Catherine Lake, Northern Ontario. This was an absolutely beautiful lake and so many wonderful campsites. Fish and loons were abudant ..... scenery, spectacular.

Winisk River864 viewsCanoe as wind break, cold wind from the north.
North Wapizagonke lake360 viewsView from belvedere on Chute Weber trail (La Mauricie Nat'l park)
Esker Lakes241 viewsNorth side of the first portage en route to the Thlewiaza River from the Cochrane River.
Liard Air826 viewsCessna 185 taking off from Mayfield Lakes in the Northern Rockies
Bull Moose844 viewsBull Moose at Mayfield Lakes in the Northern Rockies. Photographed from a canoe. Muskwa Kechika Management Area
B.C. Bull Moose246 viewsLocation: Mayfield Lakes- Northern Rockies, photographed from a canoe.
Mayfield Lakes877 viewsMayfield Lakes in the Northern Rockies, start of trip down the Gataga and Kechika Rivers.
Herb Pohl68 viewsHerb Pohl on the Clearwater River in Northern Quebec
portage start from John to Kelsie441 viewsthe trail bends a bit to the north before continuing eastwards, parallel to the valley
Paul Lake, northern Temagami, looking NW416 viewslocation of geodesic marker shown at
Geodesic marker86 viewsOn Paul Lake, part of the Sturgeon River in the northern Temagami area
North Channel Islands 2006452 views
North Channel Islands 2006458 views
North Channel Islands 2006452 views
North Channel Islands 2006454 views
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