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January 3, 2009 - - Midland, Ontario124 viewsThe "Frontenac" waiting for some help to continue its journey
Port Hardy to Burnett Bay (kayak)587 viewsIn late June and early July of 2007 I paddled my 14.5 foot Necky kayak from Port Hardy to Burnett Bay and back, twice. I stupidly dunked my camera in salt water, so the photos end at Cougar Inlet on day four of the first trip. These are some of the more interesting pics.
Hour and a Half Late (DF 2007)140 views
Winter Walk324 viewsSnowshoeing up the Split Rock River, rumbling beneath our feet.
MSR Miniworks EX172 viewsThis filter costs about $79.00 I think.
pumps one liter per minute and in my experience needs to be cleaned once a day. Come with grean scouring pad and is very easy to dissassemble and clean and reassemble.
Tupatukasi Waterfall on Broadback River486 views34 m high Tupatukasi Waterfall - the highest & most beautiful on the Broadback River.

Picture taken during our 22 days trip down Broadback in summer 2005.
Tupatukasi Waterfall on Broadback River486 viewsHugo Lalancette at 34 m high Tupatukasi Waterfall - the highest & most beautiful on the Broadback River.

Picture taken during our 22 days trip down Broadback in summer 2005.
Tasiujaq high tide harbour297 views
Camp on the Wind River748 viewsOur second day campsite on the Wind. Spent the day hiking
98 140.jpg
Temagami Anvil Lake from Maple Mountain1605 viewsSecond highest point in Ontario, Maple Mtn provides good views all around and an excellent day activity while in the area. Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes one way hike, make it 2 hours if you're getting long in the tooth and short on conditioning.
Algonquin Park - September 2010197 viewscolours
Algonquin Park - September 25, 2010248 viewssmall bursts of colour along the hiking trail
APPmanitou_.JPG66 views
Lake Huron - Bayfield, ON1203 viewsAfter paddling along the Bayfield River, past Hwy 21 bridge and through Harbour Lights Marnia and out into the depths of Lake Huron. This is what is left of a sunken Steamer that was hauled from Owen Sound and then from Goderich. It is stuck about a half mile from Bayfield beach. The boys were quite nervous on this paddle...they were glad when we went ashore for lunch and a swim.
Busy Beaver86 viewsBusy beaver keeps us company and eventually joins our evening of fishing at Gowganda Lake, Ontario
Canoe 014.jpg
Loaded Canoe Trailer82 viewsThe trailer all loaded up - ready to haul the boats to our put-in spot for the day trip.
Coppermine River91 viewsIn hindsight we could have run Rocky Defile, we scared ourselves by reading too many trip reports.
Clearwater Lake - Wells Grey Park604 viewsOne (Or Is It Two) Rainbows
They Lasted For Almost An Hour
Riviere Noire474 viewsTake out at Rapides de L'OURS
our best bud87 viewsone of the few pictures we took before his untimely loss of life....
eddy90 viewsour first puppy! after a bath....
Our new whitewater baby354 viewsOur new whitewater paddler - not quite ready for thigh straps yet.
English Fishery Harbour.jpg
Lake Superior - July 2005736 viewsEnglish Fishery Harbour - windbound from after noon.
Feathered Skies on Makobe Lake281 viewsThird and last day on Makobe Lake campsite, we enjoy our coffee while admiring the changing morning skies.
First campsite.jpg
Lake Superior - July 2005 - First night campsite684 viewsA little bay a few hours south of Hattie Cove.
Friendly Beaver92 views"Called" over beavers to our canoe while fishing at Gowganda Lake, Ontario .... we called him Bobby :o)
Go home lake531 viewsLooking from our site on Go home Lake, Ontario
Goulard Rd151 viewsThe famous Goulard Rd. Road? Not for the faint of heart or Honda Civics. 20 kms of this to get Alex's place. Took well over 1 hour to travel this road and very rarely was able to get to speeds over 20 km/h
Ice jam at 8pm.151 viewsWe walked thru 6 inches of slush right after this!! Yikes!! quickly changed course.
8 foot igloo136 viewsThis is a photo of our first igloo completed with the Ice Box. It has an inside diameter of eight feet.
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