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Bay view.jpg
Lake Superior July 20051525 views
Beach campiste.jpg
Lake Superior July 20051149 viewsFantastic beaches
Cascade Falls.jpg
Lake Superior July 2005858 viewsCascade Falls
Lake Superior788 viewsCave
Cliffs of Isacor.jpg
Lake Superior July 2005714 viewsCliffs of Isakor
This was the end of my round trip from Hattie Cove to Point Isakor and back.
Cooling off at sunset.jpg
Lake Superior - July 2005 - Pukaskwa River mouth677 viewsCooling off at sunset at the mouth of the Pukaskwa River.
canoe repair in the field462 viewsMid way down the Pukaskwa in early May. This Royalite Dumoine had seen too many trips and too much UV exposure. Several cracks on the hull, the longest of which about 8". Repaired with fiberglass. Second trip this boat was repaired enroute. Retired after this trip.
English Fishery Harbour.jpg
Lake Superior - July 2005716 viewsEnglish Fishery Harbour - windbound from after noon.
First campsite.jpg
Lake Superior - July 2005 - First night campsite668 viewsA little bay a few hours south of Hattie Cove.
Lake Superior - July 2005 - Hitchiker630 viewsStopped for a break in a little bay and decided to give this critter a lift as he was swimming toward land and my canoe was in his/her way.
Lunch stop.jpg
Lake Superior - July 2005 - Lunch at Petit Mort Rocks396 viewsOne of many beautiful beaches on the Lake Superior coast.
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