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Kobe - Happy CanoeDog196 viewsKobe looking out for obstructions ;o)
Kobe - Guarding the fort166 viewsOur baby rottie is SO alert and smart....just amazing how quick they are to learn and most of all, always wanting to please his mommy and daddy!
Kobe - FireDog (Canyon Lake)241 viewsKobe, our 3 1/2 month old Rottie, enjoys being "king of the wood pile", on our Canyon Lake camping trip.
Kobe's Canoe Buddy224 viewsSundown & Sundance (Kobe) - Introduction to Canoeing
Hey!!! How's the Weather Out There????197 viewsKobe, our baby Rottie, quickly learns about the comfort of sleeping bags :o) Picture taken on his first camping trip at Canyon Lake, Ontario
Where's Mommy102 viewsKobe sits on stern seat to check the view
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