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Pekans Canyon (R2)681 viewsGeorge and Lew running R2 in Pekans Canyon,66+52+1.95W&t=h&z=12
Moisie - Railroad bridge over Trestle rapid267 viewsWe hiked up to the bridge - there is a nice staircase there, first wooden, then steel. While we were on the bridge, locomotive came and we had to run to hide. Later Paul & Joe claimed they saw another person somewhere up there. Maybe it was a ghost? Ghost of a drowned paddler...,66+12+6.86W&t=h&z=12
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Temagami Willow Island Creek1278 viewsWillow Island Creek runs north from Willow Island Lake, through Hobart and north of Hammer Lake. Between Anvil and the Bergeron portage there are several log jams making this an interesting route.
Cold morning, Alley Mill run/Jacks Fork Ozarks Mo59 views
Coppermine River91 viewsIn hindsight we could have run Rocky Defile, we scared ourselves by reading too many trip reports.
144 viewsNictau Lake, Mt. Carelton P.P New Brunswick
323 viewsNictau Lake, mt. Carelton provincal park, new brunwick.
my beater coleman ( first canoe ).
Mountain Chutes take out542 viewsEasy cl 1 run just before Mountain Chutes, 20' falls
Approach to Dunlop Lake from the south648 viewspossible, but not sure: launch at Marsh, paddle through Summers and reach Dunlop via Green. The new developments on Dunlop's shore may prevent the last portage.
But the road that approaches Marsh serves the south shore of Dunlop and thus probably runs along most of that lake.
High falls-Gibson River653 viewsThis is the top of High falls on the Gibson river in th distance you cans see the pool that the falls dump into. the top section of the falls look tempting to run but with a fall of at least 30 feet. It is not wise
Gooseberry Ledge 3999 viewsRunning Gooseberry Ledge on Upper Red Deer River in whitewater kayak.
portage - worn from ATV use522 viewsthe tires loosen the surface and rain/spring run-off takes the soil away
Running the Upper Athalones565 viewsRunning the Upper Athalone rapids on the Spanish River
The Ballos Family101 viewsJim, Ethan and Madeleine get ready to go our for a paddle
Sunset Paddle92 viewsA warm, clear day and a great sunset also. Nothing like an evening paddle on perfectly calm water.
Digeridoo211 viewsHow often do you get serenaded by a digeridoo player at the campfire?
Morning Mist96 viewsA frosty morning, but the payback was a nice display of mist hanging over the lake for the early part of the day.
Morning Temperature69 viewsNice weather most of the time, but we had one cool night - frost on everything when we woke up.
Beachcomber104 viewsSandy playing at the beach at the group campsite - Grundy Lake
The Flotilla Heads Out109 viewsThe gang head out for a day trip around the chain of lakes in Grundy Provincial Park.
Dan Sailing80 viewsDan Thomsen shows off his canoe sailing skills
Tony Snoozing80 viewsTony recovering from his long drive up to the gathering.
Devils Elbow5383 viewsRunning the CII+/III Devil's Elbow Rapid on the North Saskatchewan River a Mad River Caption.
Upper Red Deer River1083 viewsRunning a small ledge on the Upper Red Deer River in Mad River Caption
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Labrador Sea1622 viewsOn the Hopedale run, end of Kanairiktok River trip, Labrador Sea, cold wet and loving every minute!
Riviere aux Feuilles377 viewsMichel running rapids in his kayak
Upper Magnetwwan Trip - Ross Rapids428 viewsBy the end of this run we were still upright but we decided to put out and empty the gear then turn the canoe over - quicker than bailing the few gallons we took on
Upper Magnetawan - Lower Burnt Chutes427 viewsThis was perhaps the most challangeing run of the trip - here we're past the difficult stretch and are about to start to celebrate
Running the Seguin Canyon302 viewsThis is the last rapid in the seguin canyon, normally a much mre difficult run but with low water this run became very tedious.
Broken Canoe - Bottom of Ragged Chute132 viewsNot our canoe, but some crazy people who decided to run the un-runable Raggeed Chute.
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