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Bow With a View414 viewsThis is the first picture I took, on my first canoe trip with Sundown (2 years ago) fact, my first canoe trip EVER!!!! Just stopped paddling and said "Wait! I need this amazing!"
Father & Son Chat127 viewsSundown's first "chat" with son :o)
Gowganda Beavers108 viewsSundown baiting lines while Lilydipper attracts the beavers
Kobe's Canoe Buddy223 viewsSundown & Sundance (Kobe) - Introduction to Canoeing
Sundown's Element265 viewsPhoto taken from inside the tent at Alexander Lake, enroute through the Makobe River. Morning light perfectly "frames" my "subject" at it's truest "form".....timeless.
Monet's Canoe Route273 viewsSundown & I came around the bend, into Alexander Lake and all I could think of is "Monet"!!!
Sundown & Kobe171 viewsGreat times on Thanksgiving weekend at Canyon Lake, Northern Ontario - harvesting jackpine cones.
Spirit Rising165 viewsEarly morning light and smoky campfire surrounds and captures the true essence of my Sundown, without him even knowing that I was taking pictures.
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