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Waterfall on Pekans River834 viewsMarilyn posing in front of the waterfall.

After about the 1/3 of the portage, we found a paddler's full gear: tarp, PFD, thermarest, clothing, 2 paddles, 60l barrel with no harness (nobody dared to open it). Quite scary to think what happened to this person.,66+52+2.71W&t=h&z=12
Benthal Bug Hut220 viewsHome made bug hut that can be mounted or removed from below a tarp.
Backside of the Buckley Dry Fly1430 viewsAfter the tree damaged the Comet, the tent dwellers ran to the Buckley to report in and just missed being hit a second time. The tree was kept from falling further by the branches and the tarp ropes. Storm damage on Manitou Lake, Algonquin Park
My home-made tarp & bug shelter617 views
New Tarp - Algonquin Parkside Bay Sept 05.jpg
New Tarp - Algonquin Parkside Bay Sept 05391 viewsNew custom made silnylon tarp. 10 x 12
5 re-enforced tieouts per side, 5 through the center.
Edge taped and seam sealed. 1lb 12 oz
Camp at Ponhook42 viewsWe found our island campsite had been trashed by some locals, who had left broken bottle, a plastic tarp, pieces of lawn chairs, etc, strewn all about. We cleaned up as best we could.
Tarp shelter183 viewsReady for sleeping under the tarp shelter, October 26, 2006, -5C
Homemade Tarp154 viewsSilnylon tarp - first home sewn project. For use lightweight camping with a bug netting insert.
Toboggan2143 viewsHere's a profile of the UHMW toboggan. The brown is a MEC guides tarp that worked out well to wrap the load.
VCS Setup.jpg
Eureka VCS with Bug Shelter289 views
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