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Tupatukasi Waterfall on Broadback River467 viewsHugo Lalancette at 34 m high Tupatukasi Waterfall - the highest & most beautiful on the Broadback River.

Picture taken during our 22 days trip down Broadback in summer 2005.
Blair balancing act I.jpg
Blair's Balancing Act270 views
Blair balancing act II.jpg
Blair's Balancing Act II233 views
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Smokey and Al at "the beach"177 viewsSmokey and Alan enjoy the warm sun down at the shoreline
DeepFreeze 031.jpg
Sunbathing178 viewsAlan, Richard and Peter soak up some rays on a gorgeous sunny day on the shores of Scouter Lake
With this on my shoulders I think I could travel anywhere183 viewsA real dream to carry. The stock contoured yoke was a nice fit and was balanced just right
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