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Pekans - Moisie portage686 viewsIt took us a while to find start of Pekans/Moisie portage. Very buggy - blackflies. Portage trail wasn't easy to follow esp. at the start. At one point, side path splits off to the right (but then ends soon). Main trail goes straight up the rock and it's hard to see. We portaged in two and a half passes. It was a very hard portage: rocky, muddy at the places, with one gully to cross.
Benthal Bug Hut on the Turtle River, ON.546 viewsJuly 2005 - Turtle River, ON. Mosquitoes were a problem so we set up the
'Benthal Bug Hut' to relax. 9' X 9' X 6' ht. 4.25 lbs.
Great for 4 to cook in and move about.
Benthal Bug Hut219 viewsHome made bug hut that can be mounted or removed from below a tarp.
My home-made tarp & bug shelter616 views
Chiniguchi 023.jpg
Hennessy Hammock449 viewsThis is my Hennessy Hammock in use on a trip in the Chiniguchi area, east of Sudbury. The hammock has a full bug screen, a silnylon rain fly and fastens easily to any two reasonably spaced trees. Access is through a slit in the bottom.
Home Made Bug Bivy277 viewsI sewed this bug bivy from 1.9 oz (more durable than 1.1 oz) Silnylon for the floor, noseeum neting for the top, and a zipper at the ridgeline.
Algonquin_waterbug gathering338 views
Homemade Tarp154 viewsSilnylon tarp - first home sewn project. For use lightweight camping with a bug netting insert.
VCS Setup.jpg
Eureka VCS with Bug Shelter288 views
Camp at the Confluence248 viewsCamping at the confluence of the Burnside River with the Mara River. CCS bug tent.
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