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Algonquin Canoeing & Exploring Map book141 viewscover
Algonquin Park Canoeing & Exploring Map book131 views"proof" page
Bayfield River, Heading into Lake Huron1192 viewsThis is my grandkid's first canoe season and they love it...however once we reached the end of the government docks up ahead and turned south (left) they became quite nervous, but never said a word...very quiet paddle in the lake.
Lake Huron at Bayfield, ON941 viewsWe paddled out from the Bayfield River and headed south towards Grand Bend...but did not go very far. It was a great experience for my grandkids...they love canoeing and this was there first season in a canoe.
Lake Huron - Bayfield, ON1196 viewsAfter paddling along the Bayfield River, past Hwy 21 bridge and through Harbour Lights Marnia and out into the depths of Lake Huron. This is what is left of a sunken Steamer that was hauled from Owen Sound and then from Goderich. It is stuck about a half mile from Bayfield beach. The boys were quite nervous on this paddle...they were glad when we went ashore for lunch and a swim.
Muriel Lake, Killarney288 viewsAugust 1996.......shot with a cheap panoramic disposable camera. It says everything that I could ever say about canoeing..... and more
Lake Kathawachaga161 viewsCanoeing on Lake Kathawachaga late at night.
fall canoeing.jpg
La Mauricie National Park - one georgeous day815 viewsThis is what canoeing in the fall is all about.
Canoeing Over Gooseberry Ledge 1871 viewsSetting up to pass solo over Gooseberry Ledge on Upper Red Deer River in Caption canoe.
Canoeing Over Gooseberry Ledge 2887 viewsCanoeing over Gooseberry Ledge in Caption at flow rate of about 25-30 cu-m/s on Upper Red Deer River
Kobe - Happy CanoeDog196 viewsKobe looking out for obstructions ;o)
Kobe's Canoe Buddy224 viewsSundown & Sundance (Kobe) - Introduction to Canoeing
Towing dirty diapers119 viewsCanoeing with kids - nice to tow dirty diapers behind you
Tubing80 viewsOk, it's not canoeing but it is water related. We negotiate 6 sets of rapids in old inner tubes, Mopan River, Belize.
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