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Pekans Canyon (R2)674 viewsGeorge and Lew running R2 in Pekans Canyon,66+52+1.95W&t=h&z=12
Campsite at the waterfall on Moisie River659 viewsAs we were approaching waterfall at km 262, we noticed smoke rising on the right side. There is a campsite at the end of the portage and there we found a group of 8 canoeists from France. They spoke very little English and we spoke very little French. Quiet deep canyon on Moisie They travelled in 4 funny looking SEPAL canoes (fiberglass). Guy called Jean has a form for it in Charlevoix, QC. Such canoe is capable of carrying 5 big barrels. They were taking 3 weeks paddling through Carheil (Fermont, QC start)
Quiet deep-water canyon on Moisie449 viewsBetween km 228 and 229 of Pekans/Moisie route, there is nice, quite narrow canyon. Water is very calm there, which means the river has to be very deep there.,66+29+10.26W&t=h&z=12
Barron Canyon Canoes.jpg
Barron River Canoes706 views2 Canoes paddle upstream in the Barron River Canyon, Algonquin Park
Brigham Falls459 viewsBrigham Chute & Falls on The Barron River, Algonquin P.P. During the CCR Gathering, Summer 2001.
Ben on the Barron.jpg
Ben on the Barron464 views
South Nahanni River84 viewsEntrance to Five Mile Canyon just below Virginia Falls
Green River, Canyonlands60 viewsNot exactly a canoe trip, but we did go 12 miles in this inflatable raft. This was a 6 day backpacking trip, with one day floating down the river. The Green River is amazing - I'd highly recommend a trip for novice and expert alike.
Bryce Canyon National Park, U.S.98 viewsBryce Canyon amphitheatre, Sept., 2006
Bryce Canyon National Park, U.S.91 viewsBryce Amphitheatre, Sept.'06 sunrise
Into the canyon.jpg
Paddling into the canyon410 views
Kobe - FireDog (Canyon Lake)241 viewsKobe, our 3 1/2 month old Rottie, enjoys being "king of the wood pile", on our Canyon Lake camping trip.
Makobe Canyon Passage507 viewsNarrow, but deep canyon passage on the Makobe River, enroute to Elk Lake
Horton River - 1st Canyon98 views
Horton River - Second Canyon122 views
Horton River - Last part of Second Canyon100 views
Peel River Canyon684 viewsPeel River Canyon looking upstream
This gravel bar is the only stopping point in the canyon
Running the Seguin Canyon296 viewsThis is the last rapid in the seguin canyon, normally a much mre difficult run but with low water this run became very tedious.
Sundown & Kobe172 viewsGreat times on Thanksgiving weekend at Canyon Lake, Northern Ontario - harvesting jackpine cones.
Hey!!! How's the Weather Out There????197 viewsKobe, our baby Rottie, quickly learns about the comfort of sleeping bags :o) Picture taken on his first camping trip at Canyon Lake, Ontario
Canyon View215 viewsGordon Congdon takes in the canyon of the lower Burnside. Canoeists portage this canyon because of the falls. Rock is quartzite.
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