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Bow With a View416 viewsThis is the first picture I took, on my first canoe trip with Sundown (2 years ago) fact, my first canoe trip EVER!!!! Just stopped paddling and said "Wait! I need this amazing!"
cloud reflections.jpg
Thelon - Reflections of clouds in the river156 views
clouds reflections.jpg
Thelon - More clouds more reflections162 views
Snapper in the Clouds206 viewsMegwetch to 'Grandfather Turtle" for allowing me yo take his picture.
Feathered Skies on Makobe Lake277 viewsThird and last day on Makobe Lake campsite, we enjoy our coffee while admiring the changing morning skies.
Journey on the Makobe River, Northern Ontario410 viewsGorgeous, big skies enroute to Alexander Lake, via the Makobe River
Sundown's Element268 viewsPhoto taken from inside the tent at Alexander Lake, enroute through the Makobe River. Morning light perfectly "frames" my "subject" at it's truest "form".....timeless.
Makobe Canyon Passage507 viewsNarrow, but deep canyon passage on the Makobe River, enroute to Elk Lake
More churning clouds76 views
Storm Clouds107 viewsSome of the freakiest clouds I have ever seen. They were churning and turning and moving across the sky at an incredible pace.
Muskox199 viewsMuskox on the tundra. They smelled bad and drew clouds of mosquitoes!
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