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Fish - Charpentier River730 views
Good fishing472 views
Cross Lake285 views
Welcome Rapids, Leaf River396 views
Fishing on Leaf River446 viewsJean-Paul Robidoux fishing on Leaf River
Fish Ladder Waterfall on Moisie (Katchapahun)410 viewsAt the Fish Ladder we took a portage on river right. It is a very steep path up, along a path behind the cliffy hill. Despite the steep profile, the path is relatively in a good shape. Nice camp on the other side, lots of boardwalk & the cabin. We portaged around first R3 (ledge) using the boardwalk.,66+17+39.47W&t=h&z=12
Fishing Lake, NWT129 views
Brendan_s Big Bass.jpg
Bass Pic295 viewsThe fishing was a bit slow on Noganosh this year...but we caught a few anyway!
Busy Beaver92 viewsBusy beaver keeps us company and eventually joins our evening of fishing at Gowganda Lake, Ontario
Catherine's Serenity395 viewsMirror-like refections of beautiful day ahead at Catherine Lake, Northern Ontario. This was an absolutely beautiful lake and so many wonderful campsites. Fish and loons were abudant ..... scenery, spectacular.

English Fishery Harbour.jpg
Lake Superior - July 2005750 viewsEnglish Fishery Harbour - windbound from after noon.
Friendly Beaver98 views"Called" over beavers to our canoe while fishing at Gowganda Lake, Ontario .... we called him Bobby :o)
Alligator210 viewsDay trip down Fishhead Creek in the Flordia Everglades
Flordia Everglades51 viewsDay trip down Fishhead Creek
Flordia Everglades56 viewsday trip down Fishhead Creek in the Flordia Everglades
hotday_kayaks.jpg132 viewsShould this be under boatbuilding.....or fishing?
Pressure crack172 viewsThe fishers said these get to be 2ft in early season. this one was only 2 or 3 inches. When we woke up after a night of thumping ice you could see a bunch of new 1/4 inch cracks around the tent and when trekking.

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Moon River and Musquash Flow diagram334 viewsfrom
moonrise over whitefish lake.jpg
Thelon - Moonrise before heading out320 views
Walleye408 viewsCaught this 23" walleye from a wood canvas canoe. It ended up in the pan for breakfast.
Shore Lunch356 viewsEnjoying shore lunch of freshly caught bass & walleye was norm for a day of bush wacking into a back lake.
Reid @ Muskrat.jpg
Fishin and Dreamin373 viewsJust above Muckrat Rapids on the Ottawa river
Relaxing143 viewsAfter a morning of fishing, local man relaxing in his dugout, with young daughter on shore.
fishing74 viewsfishing from our campsite on waskasina, temagami
Samsman fishing315 viewsFirst thing I saw when I stuck my head out of the tent. Some people are just up wayy too early!
morning fishing144 viewsmorning on wasaksina, temagami labour day 2005
Winter Camp at Tucker Lake376 viewsWhile camping in the Forest at Tucker Lake, the lowest temperature recorded was -48 degrees. Throw water up in the air and it froze before hitting the snow.
The fishing was good. The food and company was great.
Traditional handmade snowshoes and toboggans were used for snow travel.
Worms Escaping152 viewsThis is a wonderful gob of worms! Let's go fishing!
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