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Crusin' on Lake Mead - Las Vegas101 viewsTaking in gorgeous scenery on Lake Mead - Las Vegas Trip
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Sunbathing186 viewsAlan, Richard and Peter soak up some rays on a gorgeous sunny day on the shores of Scouter Lake
Clearwater Lake - Wells Grey Park961 viewsOne Of Many Gorgeous Sunsets!
Journey on the Makobe River, Northern Ontario410 viewsGorgeous, big skies enroute to Alexander Lake, via the Makobe River
Kobe - Guarding the fort166 viewsOur baby rottie is SO alert and smart....just amazing how quick they are to learn and most of all, always wanting to please his mommy and daddy!
Calm Water388 viewsAfter being wind bound at the portage for 2 nights the lake turned to glass the next morning.
Step Brother not Sure About New Puppy Addition107 viewsKobe's step brother .... hmmmm, trouble?
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