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The Thursday Group Waits to Depart Sudbury (DF 2007)406 views
Campsite at the waterfall on Moisie River657 viewsAs we were approaching waterfall at km 262, we noticed smoke rising on the right side. There is a campsite at the end of the portage and there we found a group of 8 canoeists from France. They spoke very little English and we spoke very little French. Quiet deep canyon on Moisie They travelled in 4 funny looking SEPAL canoes (fiberglass). Guy called Jean has a form for it in Charlevoix, QC. Such canoe is capable of carrying 5 big barrels. They were taking 3 weeks paddling through Carheil (Fermont, QC start)
Group Photo83 views
Coppermine River226 viewsThe Massacre at Bloody Falls was an incident that took place during Samuel Hearne's exploration of the Coppermine River in 1771. Chipewyan warriors led by Hearne's guide and companion Matonabbee discovered a group of local Inuit camped by rapids approximately 15 kilometres upstream from the mouth of the Coppermine. Just after midnight on July 17, the Chipewyan set upon the Inuit camp and killed approximately 20 men, women and children. Witnessing the massacre traumatized Hearne, and he was haunted by the memories until his death in 1792.

Group Shot71 viewsA group shot of the gang at Byng Island Campground
Wednesday Group Photo435 views
Czar hauls the Osprey out of the Comet744 viewsAfter the tree was blown down the gear was salvaged and the team regrouped. Storm damage on Manitou Lake, Algonquin Park
Group Photo174 views
Group Picture269 viewsHere's a montage of all of the Deep Freeze attendees in 2004. Good thing Mike brought his dog to fill in that bottom right corner, or the symmetry would have been destroyed.
Group Photo340 views
Group Photo Ralph Bice Gathering.jpg
Ralph Bice Gatherers507 viewsA group photo of all who attended the Ralph Bice Lake gathering
Siglin Sled, packed rear view177 viewsLoaded for a 4 day cold camp trip with a group of 4 others, X_mas - New Years break, 2005
Beachcomber99 viewsSandy playing at the beach at the group campsite - Grundy Lake
Jubilee Gatherers.jpg
Group Photo280 views
Riviere aux Feuilles415 viewsReading the Rapids as a group
DF2006 - Group 1138 views
Siglin Sled, packed, side view.135 viewsSiglin Sled pulk, paked for a group cold camp for 4 days. Note curved up sides and bow and stern construction on pulk. Bow and stern cut with several tabs, sqeeezed and bolted to create upturned shape.
Coppermine River66 viewsGroup picture
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