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Lake Vonsjöen, Rögen Nature reserve - Sweden119 viewsOnly a heavy and long portage (~4km) over very difficult terrain, bolder fields and a raindeer fence, will bring you to this beautiful place...
Corned Beef Hash and Eggs629 viewsNot a bad way to start a cold winter day.
old and new toboggans210 viewsUHMW toboggan, 12 ft long x 16" wide
traditional wood toboggan, 7 ft long x 15" wide
Cold Morning at the Thelon Bluff-No flies149 viewsMaryse my new wife. We had just gotten married in Yellowknife prior to this canoe trip and this was my idea of an honeymoon
98 128.jpg
Temagami Willow Island Lake1533 viewsThis is the older portage landing prior to the relocation south at the western end of the second of two portages between Lady Evelyn Lake and Willow Island. This is an easy route to Willow Island if coming from Diamond or making a loop through Lady Evelyn from the north.
Cold morning, Alley Mill run/Jacks Fork Ozarks Mo54 views
Home Made Anorak - the Front Pocket438 viewsJust as we started to put it together. The two sides will easily each hold a large leather mitt. The little pockets on the front were designed to hold odds 'n ends like matches, a compass, fire starters, etc.
old avatar57 views
canoe188 viewsold towne guide
canoe73 viewsold towne guide 147 for sale
Cool Weather95 viewsFrost on the window ... we had some cold temperatures
Chiniguchi 020.jpg
Old Growth Pine921 viewsA large old growth pine at a portage by Chiniguchi Lake
Winisk River849 viewsCanoe as wind break, cold wind from the north.
Griswold Family Truckster610 views
Day 6 La Muir at -7C0 viewsdawn on cold water
Day 9 Needle Fire57 viewssmoldering fire in peat under pine needles
Wanigan Built this Winter1014 viewsTook some tips from Dave Had field and others in the Equipment section and built this with my 6 yr old son this winter. Most likely used on Car and Boat Camping trips. The bottom of the tray is plexi so you can see whats below.
DIY Reflector496 viewsBased on the Kraiker's design. A prototype built with a roll of Roofing Aluminum and a couple of Coat Hangers. THis view is it folded up.
Blueberry Lake old growth651 viewsOld Growth Red Pines, Temagami
Blueberry Lake old growth667 viewsOld growth white pine in Temagami
Public Landing at Dunlop Lake South Shore599 viewsNear Elliott Lake.
The south shore has been sold off for cottage lots, and there is now a public landing about 2/3 down the lake. The road is signed as leading to "Dunlop Shores" and the new parking lot is near holds maybe 30 cars. There is a (mediocre) camp site right at the portage leading to Ten Mile Lake.
Front curl 1265 viewsHere is a shot of the front of my UHMW toboggan. There was a lot of spring back after the plastic was released from the form, so it needed to be tied down to hold the shape.
Garreau Lake to Mackey Creek Old Road150 viewsGarreau Lake to Mackey Creek Old Road--yah, there's a road under there.
Siglin Sled, packed rear view174 viewsLoaded for a 4 day cold camp trip with a group of 4 others, X_mas - New Years break, 2005
Old Baldy Mountain541 viewsfrom portage Astonish to Olympus
Portage from John to Kelsie crosses a swamp outlet via the old dam467 views
Home Made Sled394 viewsMy home made sled, used for hauling in the winter camping gear. It consists of a plywood deck on two 2x4's on edge bolted to two old downhill skis. Based on the sled design found on Dave Hadfield's Web Site
Morning Temperature64 viewsNice weather most of the time, but we had one cool night - frost on everything when we woke up.
Jaroslaw Frackiewicz and Celina Mroz - died May 2011 in Peru514 viewsOn an earlier happy trip in Canada where they retraced part of the old voyageur route between Lake Huron and Ottawa. This picture was taken by someone at the Ste Marie Among the Hurons, near Midland. From
Kobe - FireDog (Canyon Lake)236 viewsKobe, our 3 1/2 month old Rottie, enjoys being "king of the wood pile", on our Canyon Lake camping trip.
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