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Winner of the May 2011 Photo Contest 218 views
Winner of the January 2011 Photo Contest243 views
Winner of the November 2010 Photo Contest345 views
Winner of the July 2010 Photo Contest441 views
Winner of the Autumn 2010 Photo Contest245 views
Sunrise over Pekans674 viewsPhoto taken from bridge over Pekans River. Most of the Pekans/Moisie expeditions start here.
Winner of the August 2011 Photo Contest185 views
Port Hardy to Burnett Bay (kayak)587 viewsIn late June and early July of 2007 I paddled my 14.5 foot Necky kayak from Port Hardy to Burnett Bay and back, twice. I stupidly dunked my camera in salt water, so the photos end at Cougar Inlet on day four of the first trip. These are some of the more interesting pics.
January 3, 2009 - - Midland, Ontario136 viewsThe Griffon continued on into Midland, breaking open a path through the ice for the Frontenac to follow. The operation was successful. Unfortunately it was too dark to take photos of the Frontenac docking.
Mushrooms, lichen, and moss70 viewsI'm rather fond of this photograph
Group Photo87 views
Did he get the shot?220 viewsRob gets some backup while photographing North Falls on the Churchill River near Otter Lake, Saskatchewan.
Wednesday Group Photo441 views
Group Photo179 views
Group Picture277 viewsHere's a montage of all of the Deep Freeze attendees in 2004. Good thing Mike brought his dog to fill in that bottom right corner, or the symmetry would have been destroyed.
Group Photo347 views
Pictographs Gammon River268 viewsColors have been enhanced with Photoshop, but these pictographs are unusually bright. (I rarely photograph pictos as a sign out of respect for some who believe they should not be photographed - and when I do photograph them I always manipulate the image.)
Bull Moose852 viewsBull Moose at Mayfield Lakes in the Northern Rockies. Photographed from a canoe. Muskwa Kechika Management Area
B.C. Bull Moose250 viewsLocation: Mayfield Lakes- Northern Rockies, photographed from a canoe.
Group Photo Ralph Bice Gathering.jpg
Ralph Bice Gatherers515 viewsA group photo of all who attended the Ralph Bice Lake gathering
8 foot igloo136 viewsThis is a photo of our first igloo completed with the Ice Box. It has an inside diameter of eight feet.
Cdn Canoe Museum - Bill Mason Display - photographic tools119 views
Jubilee Gatherers.jpg
Group Photo287 views
Sundown's Element274 viewsPhoto taken from inside the tent at Alexander Lake, enroute through the Makobe River. Morning light perfectly "frames" my "subject" at it's truest "form".....timeless.
Manitoulin Shoreline279 viewsA once beautiful part of the shoreline of strait between Manitoulin and Cockburn Island, near the Missisaugi Lighthouse. This particular part of the shoreline, photographed in 1988, has been obliterated by a dolomite quarry.
Algonquin_not a b&w photo344 views
Urban Portage63 viewsWell, it's not exactly "wilderness tripping," but the Grand River does provide a nice little jaunt closer to "home" for many in Southern Ontario. This photo was taken at our take-out point in Paris, where we loaded up the trailers.
Portage85 viewsWhat do I need to be warm, to be real I found a photograph of how I used to feel
Columbia river762 viewsPhotos of September trip on Columbia river
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