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Chiniguchi 020.jpg
Old Growth Pine941 viewsA large old growth pine at a portage by Chiniguchi Lake
Day 10 Pine Portage61 viewsportage trail through pine forest
Day 9 Needle Fire59 viewssmoldering fire in peat under pine needles
Day 9 Wild fire0 viewsdo not buiild a campfire on pine needles!
Blueberry Lake old growth662 viewsOld Growth Red Pines, Temagami
Blueberry Lake old growth683 viewsOld growth white pine in Temagami
Have you hugged a tree today?133 viewsThree CCR's checking out a giant White Pine.
detail of "pine sap trap"103 viewssee
"Pine sap trap"88 viewsTo get a stash of pine sap for canoe repair, people used to create a "trap" by notching a tree and let the sap accumulate over time. Thus they would have a stash of resin at their frequented camp sites whenever needed.
bear markings118 viewsthis stopped us from seeing the old growth pines at dividing lake pp on july 1st weekend 2005
Sundown & Kobe175 viewsGreat times on Thanksgiving weekend at Canyon Lake, Northern Ontario - harvesting jackpine cones.
Towering White Pine130 viewsThe concentration of old growth White and Red Pines was astounding. They towered over the other trees in the forest and you never lose the feeling of awe when you see just how big these are.
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