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Two canoes on narrow rack281 viewsThe upper canoe has the yoke removed to create a solid arrangement. Check also the picture with front view.
two canoes on narrow rack453 viewsNot all lines are attached. Also, I later added foam blocks between gunnel of upper canoe and the hull it rested on to avoid scuffing.
Muskox sculls on the roof - Tasiujaq416 views
Algonquin Park Canoeing & Exploring Map book139 views"proof" page
Proof I paddled it.270 views
DIY Reflector533 viewsBased on the Kraiker's design. A prototype built with a roll of Roofing Aluminum and a couple of Coat Hangers. THis view is it folded up.
hanging a canoe584 viewsusing chains and 2"x2" to hang a canoe from the roof of a garage
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