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Outer Fox Islands #22135 viewsThe Breath Taking scenery of the Outer Fox Islands
Catherine's Serenity382 viewsMirror-like refections of beautiful day ahead at Catherine Lake, Northern Ontario. This was an absolutely beautiful lake and so many wonderful campsites. Fish and loons were abudant ..... scenery, spectacular.

Crusin' on Lake Mead - Las Vegas101 viewsTaking in gorgeous scenery on Lake Mead - Las Vegas Trip
DeepFreeze 044.jpg
Scenery around Scouter Lake188 viewsThis is typical of the scenery around Scouter Lake, just south of Metagama where we stayed for Deep Freeze '04
Lake Mead - Las Vegas153 viewsScenic Cruise on Lake Mead
Richard and Mason95 viewsAdmiring the scenery on OSA Lake in Killarney
typical thelon.jpg
Thelon - typical scenery238 views
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