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Chiniguchi 003.jpg
Falls - Chiniguchi Area223 viewsA small falls near Wolf Lake in the Chiniguchi area, east of Sudbury
Chiniguchi 008.jpg
Blue Lagoon1154 viewsThe famous Blue Lagoon, a well-known swimming spot and scenic location on the Chiniguchi route, near Wolf Lake.
Feathered Skies on Makobe Lake281 viewsThird and last day on Makobe Lake campsite, we enjoy our coffee while admiring the changing morning skies.
Journey on the Makobe River, Northern Ontario417 viewsGorgeous, big skies enroute to Alexander Lake, via the Makobe River
Lake Mead - Las Vegas154 viewsScenic Cruise on Lake Mead
Makobe Canyon Passage514 viewsNarrow, but deep canyon passage on the Makobe River, enroute to Elk Lake
Yellow Canoe on Rankin Lake, Northern Ontario456 viewsWonderous, early evening skies before the storm ..... Amazing!
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