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January 3, 2009 - - Midland, Ontario253 viewsCanada Steamship Lines "Frontenac" - - the smallest of the fleet
Lake Huron - Bayfield, ON1197 viewsAfter paddling along the Bayfield River, past Hwy 21 bridge and through Harbour Lights Marnia and out into the depths of Lake Huron. This is what is left of a sunken Steamer that was hauled from Owen Sound and then from Goderich. It is stuck about a half mile from Bayfield beach. The boys were quite nervous on this paddle...they were glad when we went ashore for lunch and a swim.
Thanksgiving weekend sunset over Dickie Lake, Lake of Bays Township, Ontario678 views
Fuzzy maps - Garmin topomap126 viewsif you were out in the field, it would tell you just fine where in relationship to the large lakes and the elevation lines you are, but there is no hint of the wet obstructions that are ahead of you as you are trying to cross the land.
Krugers tired and worn out canoe from the epic 1971 paddle across Canada.521 viewsVerlen built this 110 lb Sitka spruce canoe for he and Clint Waddells historic crossing of Canada in one season...from Montreal to the Bering Sea in 6-months time. Thanks to Scott and Dan Smith in Michigan the canoe will be back in ship-shape to be used again.
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