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Bow With a View423 viewsThis is the first picture I took, on my first canoe trip with Sundown (2 years ago) fact, my first canoe trip EVER!!!! Just stopped paddling and said "Wait! I need this amazing!"
Catherine's Serenity387 viewsMirror-like refections of beautiful day ahead at Catherine Lake, Northern Ontario. This was an absolutely beautiful lake and so many wonderful campsites. Fish and loons were abudant ..... scenery, spectacular.

looking down at the Manitouwabing river692 viewsJust below the falls David skips accoss the rocks looking for interesting things.
Day 6 Ice Edge50 viewsthin skim of ice on entire bay
Whales basking in the Outer Fox Islands, French River PP250 viewsOkay, not really........but a wonderful scene none the less
Feathered Skies on Makobe Lake281 viewsThird and last day on Makobe Lake campsite, we enjoy our coffee while admiring the changing morning skies.
portage - with boards and worn skidoo tracks509 viewsprobably by ATV crowd, to counteract effects of erosion from ATV use
Home Made Sled412 viewsMy home made sled, used for hauling in the winter camping gear. It consists of a plywood deck on two 2x4's on edge bolted to two old downhill skis. Based on the sled design found on Dave Hadfield's Web Site
Dan Sailing80 viewsDan Thomsen shows off his canoe sailing skills
Journey on the Makobe River, Northern Ontario417 viewsGorgeous, big skies enroute to Alexander Lake, via the Makobe River
Sundown's Element274 viewsPhoto taken from inside the tent at Alexander Lake, enroute through the Makobe River. Morning light perfectly "frames" my "subject" at it's truest "form".....timeless.
Makobe's Challenge299 viewsThe Makobe River route was definitely challenging....with many portages (and we were not light), it made for a physically and mentally demanding trip. Nothing like the end of a hard days work, by the fire, to rejuvenate, though!!!!

What an AMAZING route and an INCREDIBLE experience!
Monet's Canoe Route278 viewsSundown & I came around the bend, into Alexander Lake and all I could think of is "Monet"!!!
Avro Arrow - Janusz Zurakowski Memorial, Barry's Bay ON51 views
ski sled bottom view115 viewsskis attached with 3 carriage bolts through 2 x 4 risers, 1/4" plywood deck and 3/4 " x 1'' gunnels. Also used several 2 1/2 " deck screws through ski into the risers.
Sled97 viewsThe sled is made with some old skiis, 1x4 rough spruce and 1/2" plywood.
ski sled front view140 viewsshows bottom of sled from front. Note all wood parts sealed with 3 coats of varnish
Yellow Canoe on Rankin Lake, Northern Ontario456 viewsWonderous, early evening skies before the storm ..... Amazing!
Skirting the Waves228 viewsGordon Congdon (stern) and Robert Scott skirt huge haystacks and holes on the lower Burnside River in an OT Appalachian.
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