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Spring Peeper431 viewsIsland Lake, ON
On the water day 1101 views
Spring is in the air129 views
Cool Weather99 viewsFrost on the window ... we had some cold temperatures
Doha 013.jpg
French Spring199 viewsThis is a natural spring that flows out of the Limestone. The Ardeche is riddled with these. You can paddle up and collect water, or just drink for the rock.
South Nahanni River101 viewsDaniel in the Krauss Hotsprings
South Nahanni River99 viewsDaniel in the Krauss Hotsprings
Front curl 1267 viewsHere is a shot of the front of my UHMW toboggan. There was a lot of spring back after the plastic was released from the form, so it needed to be tied down to hold the shape.
High water on Ezma Lake606 viewsEven though it is in the middle of August 2008, the lake level is like in spring. The shrubs (meadowsweet) stand still in the water, and many trees along the shore (mostly cedars) have died as they could not tolerate the prolonged immersion.
portage - worn from ATV use515 viewsthe tires loosen the surface and rain/spring run-off takes the soil away
trail between John and Kelsie476 viewsmarked by cairns and blazes. In Spring 2009, they had been marked bright red
Tulips and birch in the backyard97 viewsSpring stuff. The birch is probably a local one. My neighbour has a birch that looks much different and probably is an import: the bark seems "sooty" where it's not white, its shape is more squat than striving towards sky and the catkins are rather yellow than with a tinge of brown as my birch
In spring, the local wildlife emerges to view the neighbourhood beavers124 viewsAgincourt, S'Carborro....
Minesing Swamp during early spring flood.464 views
The open woods of spring89 views
Richard Grand River 2004.jpg
Richard at his best!67 viewsSpring Gathering, Grand River 2004
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