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Rögen Nature Reserve, Sweden91 viewsEnjoying "The Good Life" on the most beautifull camping spot we found on this 3 week trip... (Lake Vandahaan, exactely on the border Norway-Sweden))
Port Hardy to Burnett Bay (kayak)587 viewsIn late June and early July of 2007 I paddled my 14.5 foot Necky kayak from Port Hardy to Burnett Bay and back, twice. I stupidly dunked my camera in salt water, so the photos end at Cougar Inlet on day four of the first trip. These are some of the more interesting pics.
Tupatukasi Waterfall on Broadback River486 views34 m high Tupatukasi Waterfall - the highest & most beautiful on the Broadback River.

Picture taken during our 22 days trip down Broadback in summer 2005.
Tupatukasi Waterfall on Broadback River486 viewsHugo Lalancette at 34 m high Tupatukasi Waterfall - the highest & most beautiful on the Broadback River.

Picture taken during our 22 days trip down Broadback in summer 2005.
Cold Morning at the Thelon Bluff-No flies150 viewsMaryse my new wife. We had just gotten married in Yellowknife prior to this canoe trip and this was my idea of an honeymoon
Home Made Anorak681 viewsHere's the anorak in use at the Deep Freeze trip on Nitro Creek in Feb. 2005
Home Made Anorak422 viewsHere's the final product in use out on a trip.
Black River daytrip 2006_01863 views
Black River daytrip 2006_02704 views
Black River daytrip 2006_03677 views
Black River daytrip 2006_04649 views
Black River daytrip 2006_05735 views
Black River daytrip 2006_06726 views
Black River daytrip 2006_07691 views
Black River daytrip 2006_08676 views
Bow With a View423 viewsThis is the first picture I took, on my first canoe trip with Sundown (2 years ago) fact, my first canoe trip EVER!!!! Just stopped paddling and said "Wait! I need this amazing!"
Canoe 014.jpg
Loaded Canoe Trailer82 viewsThe trailer all loaded up - ready to haul the boats to our put-in spot for the day trip.
Cedarstrip607 viewsOutside is fiberglassed, ready to turn it over.
Chiniguchi 023.jpg
Hennessy Hammock449 viewsThis is my Hennessy Hammock in use on a trip in the Chiniguchi area, east of Sudbury. The hammock has a full bug screen, a silnylon rain fly and fastens easily to any two reasonably spaced trees. Access is through a slit in the bottom.
Cliffs of Isacor.jpg
Lake Superior July 2005729 viewsCliffs of Isakor
This was the end of my round trip from Hattie Cove to Point Isakor and back.
conducting waves.jpg
Flatrock - October 20052534 viewsOK, so its not a canoe trip. Just went for a walk down the road from my new home.
Coppermine River91 viewsIn hindsight we could have run Rocky Defile, we scared ourselves by reading too many trip reports.
stripper3266 viewssimcoe again
Stripper2299 viewsSimcoe with the stripper
Stripper1281 viewsDan. and his Stripper on Simcoe
Crusin' on Lake Mead - Las Vegas103 viewsTaking in gorgeous scenery on Lake Mead - Las Vegas Trip
DeepFreeze 011.jpg
Loading the Bud Car189 viewsGetting ready to haul the gear into the baggage car of the Bud Car, the train we took to Metagama for this trip
Wanigan Built this Winter1065 viewsTook some tips from Dave Had field and others in the Equipment section and built this with my 6 yr old son this winter. Most likely used on Car and Boat Camping trips. The bottom of the tray is plexi so you can see whats below.
Beach Campsite, Riviere Noire444 viewsSolo trip down the Noire with 16' Chestnut Pal
canoe repair in the field479 viewsMid way down the Pukaskwa in early May. This Royalite Dumoine had seen too many trips and too much UV exposure. Several cracks on the hull, the longest of which about 8". Repaired with fiberglass. Second trip this boat was repaired enroute. Retired after this trip.
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