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Water Lilly1123 viewsFarm Creek
Waterfall on Pekans River816 viewsMarilyn posing in front of the waterfall.

After about the 1/3 of the portage, we found a paddler's full gear: tarp, PFD, thermarest, clothing, 2 paddles, 60l barrel with no harness (nobody dared to open it). Quite scary to think what happened to this person.,66+52+2.71W&t=h&z=12
Port Hardy to Burnett Bay (kayak)560 viewsIn late June and early July of 2007 I paddled my 14.5 foot Necky kayak from Port Hardy to Burnett Bay and back, twice. I stupidly dunked my camera in salt water, so the photos end at Cougar Inlet on day four of the first trip. These are some of the more interesting pics.
On the Water Day 1 (#2)123 views
On the water day 199 views
Waterfall on Caribou Rapids, Charpentier River568 views
Campsite at the waterfall on Moisie River640 viewsAs we were approaching waterfall at km 262, we noticed smoke rising on the right side. There is a campsite at the end of the portage and there we found a group of 8 canoeists from France. They spoke very little English and we spoke very little French. Quiet deep canyon on Moisie They travelled in 4 funny looking SEPAL canoes (fiberglass). Guy called Jean has a form for it in Charlevoix, QC. Such canoe is capable of carrying 5 big barrels. They were taking 3 weeks paddling through Carheil (Fermont, QC start)
Quiet deep-water canyon on Moisie440 viewsBetween km 228 and 229 of Pekans/Moisie route, there is nice, quite narrow canyon. Water is very calm there, which means the river has to be very deep there.,66+29+10.26W&t=h&z=12
Chute Bleu on Charpentier River397 views
Chute Bleu on Charpentier River355 views
Chute Bleu on Charpentier River361 views
Chutes de Burin, Charpentier River353 views
Chutes de Burin, Charpentier River340 views
Caopacho River353 viewsConfluence with Caopacho - nice views of beautiful waterfall on Caopacho.,66+17+27.35W&t=h&z=12
Tupatukasi Waterfall on Broadback River465 views34 m high Tupatukasi Waterfall - the highest & most beautiful on the Broadback River.

Picture taken during our 22 days trip down Broadback in summer 2005.
Tupatukasi Waterfall on Broadback River467 viewsHugo Lalancette at 34 m high Tupatukasi Waterfall - the highest & most beautiful on the Broadback River.

Picture taken during our 22 days trip down Broadback in summer 2005.
Fish Ladder Waterfall on Moisie (Katchapahun)380 viewsAt the Fish Ladder we took a portage on river right. It is a very steep path up, along a path behind the cliffy hill. Despite the steep profile, the path is relatively in a good shape. Nice camp on the other side, lots of boardwalk & the cabin. We portaged around first R3 (ledge) using the boardwalk.,66+17+39.47W&t=h&z=12
Waterfall on the river flowing from Lac Fanfan into Leaf Bay252 views
Waterfall Spencers to Logslide Lake79 viewsWaterfall Spencers to Logslide Lake
98 257.jpg
Temagami Spray Creek1288 views1998 the beaver dams were plentiful and the water levels were significant. The drops were 1 to 3 feet in most places.
Algonquin Outfitters water taxi1905 viewsat the dock on Opeongo
Entry to Lake Huron via the Bayfield River, Ontario1227 viewsWe paddled the Bayfield river and are just entering Lake Huron. It is early morning and the mist is still rising. Visibility is low out into the lake, however the shoreline can still be easily seen. It is a great paddle when the waters are calm. This lake is notorious for rough waters...
Busy Beaver84 viewsBusy beaver keeps us company and eventually joins our evening of fishing at Gowganda Lake, Ontario
Done, side view480 viewsPlayboat is ready for outfitting... just add water.
Clear Water158 viewsThe water here was much deeper than it looks.
Crusin' on Lake Mead - Las Vegas101 viewsTaking in gorgeous scenery on Lake Mead - Las Vegas Trip
Day 6 La Muir at -7C0 viewsdawn on cold water
Doha 013.jpg
French Spring193 viewsThis is a natural spring that flows out of the Limestone. The Ardeche is riddled with these. You can paddle up and collect water, or just drink for the rock.
Clearwater Lake - Wells Grey Park572 viewsOne (Or Is It Two) Rainbows
They Lasted For Almost An Hour
Clearwater Lake - Wells Grey Park930 viewsOne Of Many Gorgeous Sunsets!
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