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Serenity325 viewsWinter camp along Lake Superior
Corned Beef Hash and Eggs651 viewsNot a bad way to start a cold winter day.
Winter Walk324 viewsSnowshoeing up the Split Rock River, rumbling beneath our feet.
Oven Baked Biscuits541 viewsReflector oven use in a hot tent setup. Good eating is just one of the benefits of a winter camp
hey where's the snow?212 viewsearly March, 2007...along track and tower trail in Alqonquin Park...'difficult' conditions due to lack of snow. We chose to stay on the land trails as many creeks, beaver dams, lakes were already wet and too slush for fun pulling. Thats a black plastic sled from Can Tire with haul bars made from white plastic plumbing pipe. Great on twisting, turning hiking trails.
DeepFreeze 030.jpg
Smokey and Al at "the beach"191 viewsSmokey and Alan enjoy the warm sun down at the shoreline
T shirt 2008206 views2008 winter gathering picture
Smokey picture241 views2008 winter gathering pic
Snowshoer silhouette215 views2008 winter gathering pic
Scouter Joe239 views2008 Winter Gathering pic.
Axe and Snow233 views2008 Winter Gathering pic.
Wanigan Built this Winter1065 viewsTook some tips from Dave Had field and others in the Equipment section and built this with my 6 yr old son this winter. Most likely used on Car and Boat Camping trips. The bottom of the tray is plexi so you can see whats below.
kraft dinner magic385 viewshey its -30C

nothing like a simple meal (here its KD) to fill the guts and warm the soul
desert351 viewswarm pear halves topped with whipped cream, choco truffles and drizzled with warm rum

a hearty winter desert!
Home Made Sled412 viewsMy home made sled, used for hauling in the winter camping gear. It consists of a plywood deck on two 2x4's on edge bolted to two old downhill skis. Based on the sled design found on Dave Hadfield's Web Site
Rouge River, Toronto - the landing in mid-winter, near the lakeshore421 viewsmaybe a 2m band of ice floes make the launch a bit awkward but not tricky. From here, one can paddle for maybe 2km up to the Hwy#2 bridge
Winter Picnic near Low, Que128 viewsMarina roasting weiners with Kluane supervising.
Crossing the Creek in Fall/Winter68 viewsyou do what you have to, to keep your parts warm....
my pyramid tent last winter294 viewsUsed "deadmen" to hold the guylines as my steel spikes wouldn't drive into the heavily iced ground. Changed my bazooko stove chimney to 4 inch as the size and weight of 5 inch was way too much.
OK, so it's not a canoe. But it IS winter.181 views
Frontenac266 viewsOut for a winter hike in Frontenac
Stove #1-4148 viewsDistant shot of my first made winter camping stove.
Stove #186 viewsMy first winter stove.
tent glow.jpg
Tent in twilight222 viewsOur winter tent with a kerosene hurricane lamp inside.
Winter Camp at Tucker Lake369 viewsWhile camping in the Forest at Tucker Lake, the lowest temperature recorded was -48 degrees. Throw water up in the air and it froze before hitting the snow.
The fishing was good. The food and company was great.
Traditional handmade snowshoes and toboggans were used for snow travel.
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