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Chiniguchi 003.jpg
Falls - Chiniguchi Area217 viewsA small falls near Wolf Lake in the Chiniguchi area, east of Sudbury
Chiniguchi 008.jpg
Blue Lagoon1116 viewsThe famous Blue Lagoon, a well-known swimming spot and scenic location on the Chiniguchi route, near Wolf Lake.
Wolf Lake, early morning244 views
Wolf Snare221 viewsHad there been a Beer there, the two of us might have been caught!
QEIIWPP - Curious sign491 viewsThis sign was on the portage from Victoria Lake to Wolf Lake
Back River, caribou herd184 viewsA herd of 3,000 to 4,000 passed by our campsite partway through Rock Rapids; it was followed shorty by a wolf on the same trail.
Timberwolf Lake.jpg
334 viewsMy canoe on Timberwolf Lake
Wolf lake view356 viewsLooking south-west from a mountain top on the East shore of Wolf lake, Chiniguchi, Temagami.
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