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old and new toboggans213 viewsUHMW toboggan, 12 ft long x 16" wide
traditional wood toboggan, 7 ft long x 15" wide
2004-10-10 116.JPG
Portage Cart - Germany58 viewsA sign at a portage in the woods 100km north of Berlin - alright.....
Moisie - Railroad bridge over Trestle rapid263 viewsWe hiked up to the bridge - there is a nice staircase there, first wooden, then steel. While we were on the bridge, locomotive came and we had to run to hide. Later Paul & Joe claimed they saw another person somewhere up there. Maybe it was a ghost? Ghost of a drowned paddler...,66+12+6.86W&t=h&z=12
South Nahanni River93 viewsThe beginning of the sluice box just before Virginia Falls. Albert Faille use to get firewood from the island in the background
Home Made Sled404 viewsMy home made sled, used for hauling in the winter camping gear. It consists of a plywood deck on two 2x4's on edge bolted to two old downhill skis. Based on the sled design found on Dave Hadfield's Web Site
Cdn Canoe Museum - woodworking shop71 views
Trillium in the garden84 viewsBought at the farmers market amd thus probably dug out in some woods. It doesmn't do too well and I think we'll lose it eventually.
Thawing the Beer76 viewsThawing some of the beer in front of the wood stove - it had frozen solid overnight.
Woodland Caribou PP40 views
Woodland Caribou PP43 views
Woodland Caribou PP51 views
the neighbourhood beavers at work133 viewsThe City decided the dam was getting to be too high and thus they opened a gap. The beavers disagree and here's one at work...

McCowan and Huntingwood, Agincourt, S'Carborro
Kobe - FireDog (Canyon Lake)241 viewsKobe, our 3 1/2 month old Rottie, enjoys being "king of the wood pile", on our Canyon Lake camping trip.
insert nuts104 viewsinside thread for bolts
outside fatter thread for wood
Camping in th woods to avoid the wind106 views
The open woods of spring89 views
Pileated Woodpecker at DF2006127 views
"BIG RED"574 viewsDave's 70 year old Thompson wood-canvas canoe
Walleye392 viewsCaught this 23" walleye from a wood canvas canoe. It ended up in the pan for breakfast.
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Just a story of life in the woods122 viewsTrees are wildlife too! And this picture tells a story - I am sure you have figured it out immediately....
What happened is pretty obvious. But what does it mean? I am not sure myself. But it got me thinking. And whatever I think today, tomorrow I may have new insights and thus a differing view of the story in this picture.
ski sled bottom view112 viewsskis attached with 3 carriage bolts through 2 x 4 risers, 1/4" plywood deck and 3/4 " x 1'' gunnels. Also used several 2 1/2 " deck screws through ski into the risers.
Sled95 viewsThe sled is made with some old skiis, 1x4 rough spruce and 1/2" plywood.
ski sled front view136 viewsshows bottom of sled from front. Note all wood parts sealed with 3 coats of varnish
snowshoe patterns121 viewsfrom Paul Provencher's "I Live in the Woods" (Brunswick Press Ltd., 1953)
Spirit Rising166 viewsEarly morning light and smoky campfire surrounds and captures the true essence of my Sundown, without him even knowing that I was taking pictures.
Samsman and Sam633 viewsNortherb end of Wood's Bay, Massasauga Pk
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