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Canada Canoe Day - FN speaker in Peterborough Lift Lock211 views00000
(1 votes)
Kobe's Canoe Buddy256 viewsSundown & Sundance (Kobe) - Introduction to Canoeing00000
(1 votes)
Step Brother not Sure About New Puppy Addition134 viewsKobe's step brother .... hmmmm, trouble?00000
(1 votes)
Crusin' on Lake Mead - Las Vegas129 viewsTaking in gorgeous scenery on Lake Mead - Las Vegas Trip00000
(1 votes)
Mason176 viewsOn a trip on OSA Lake, Killarney00000
(1 votes)
Crossing the Creek in Fall/Winter97 viewsyou do what you have to, to keep your parts warm....00000
(1 votes)
Florida Lake97 viewsCampsites for Scouter Joe and the Banter Boys00000
(1 votes)
Tulips and birch in the backyard127 viewsSpring stuff. The birch is probably a local one. My neighbour has a birch that looks much different and probably is an import: the bark seems "sooty" where it's not white, its shape is more squat than striving towards sky and the catkins are rather yellow than with a tinge of brown as my birch 00000
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